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Dux of Sovereign State of Garal
Commander and Defender of the Garalian People
Ferr Garal

since 15º Winter I
(3 February 2023)
Office of the Dux
StyleHis/Her Most Serene Highness
TypeHead of State
ResidenceDux's Tower
(Sovereign State of Garal)
AppointerGreat Council
Term lengthElected for life
Inaugural holderFerr Garal
Formation15º Winter I
(3 February 2023)

The Dux of Garal is the elected for life chief magistrate, the head of state and leader of the Sovereign State of Garal, a city-state located on Iberian Peninsula. The Dux is also know as "Commander and Defender of the Garalian People"

Form of address

The Garal dux's form of address is "Su Serenisima Alteza" (his/her most serene highness)


The first Dux of Garal, Ferr Garal, is the founder of the micronation and was appointed by public acclaim in year I (2023).


The Dux of Garal is an elected for life head of state. The Dux's election take place through the vote of the members of the Great Council.


Sovereign State of Garal is absolute and elective Monarchy headed by the Dux. The Dux has supreme jurisdiction in government, made legislation and judicial matters. The authority of the Dux is not restricted by a constitution or a legislature.

List of Duxes of Garal

No. Potrait Name Location Tenure of office Appointer
Took office Left office Term
1 His Most Serene Highness
Ferr Garal
Dux's Tower
(Sovereign State of Garal)
15º Winter I
(3 February 2023)
Incumbent 293 days Great Council
By public acclaim