House of Garal

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House of Garal
CountrySovereign State of Garal
TitlesDux of Garal
Current headFerr Garal

The House of Garal is the ruling house of the Sovereign State of Garal. The House was founded on 3 February 2023 by Ferr Garal when he was appointed to Dux of Garal by public acclaim


The House of Garal (spanish: Casa de Garal) was a spanish family. Following the election of Ferr Garal, on 3 February 2023, as Dux of Garal, the house ruled as the micronational royal family.

The House of Garal coat of arms was designed by Ferr Garal. It is a party per pale shield, 1st an azure shield bearing a golden eight-pointed star on the top of a golden tower, 2nd barry of six or and sable.


Members of the house of Garal can only be officially added by decree of the head of the house. The Dux's mother was added to the house on the same day of its creation by Ferr Garal, who gave her the title of the Princess of Alvi.

On February 2023, the official membership of the house are:

  • José of Garal
    H.H. Luisa of Alvi, Princess of Alvi, the Dux's Mother

( Deceased)


The Head of the House of Garal is Ferr Garal. It is an elected for life leadership. The election of the Head of the House take place through the vote of all the members of House of Garal

List of monarchs of the House of Garal

Arms Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Dux Ferr Garal
3 February 2023
Himself. Founder of the House of Garal.