Garalian Pound

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Garalian pound
Libra garaliana
ISO 4217
User(s)Sovereign State of Garal
Pegged with1 lg.=2'40 €

The garalian pound (symbol lg.), in spanish: libra garaliana, is the currency of the Sovereign State of Garal. It is subdivided into 20 sueldos (s.), each of 12 dineros (d.). The garalian pound is only an electronic unit of account, it has not any official coins or notes that could be used for everyday transactions.


The garalian pound was established as the official currency of the Sovereign State of Garal since its foundation on the 3th February 2023 The garalian pound is based in the Carolingian monetary system and the libra jaquesa, a currency of the Kingdom of Aragón in middle ages.


The garalian pound is divided into 20 sueldos, and each sueldo into 12 dineros, making 240 dineros to the pound. The symbol for the sueldo is "s." (from the Latin solidus). The symbol for the dinero is "d.", from the Latin denarius (the solidus and denarius were Roman coins).

A mixed sum of pounds, sueldos and dineros, such as 1 pound, 3 sueldos and 6 dineros, is written as "1lg. 3s. 6d." and is spoken "one pound, three sueldos and six dineros".


The value of a garalian pound is currently equal to 2'40€ and the value of each dinero is equal 0,01€