National symbols of Garal

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Coat of Arms of Garal
ArmigerFerr Garal
Flag of Garal
UseNational flag
Adopted3 February 2023
Designed byFerr Garal

National anthem of Garal
MusicJim Parker, 1990
Adopted3 February 2023
Audio sample
National symbols of Garal

The micronational simbols of the Sovereign State of Garal are: State coat of arms, flag of Garal and national anthem.

The state coat of arms and the flag of Garal were designed by Ferr Garal the founder of micronation and its first Dux on 3 February 2023 (15º Winter of year I in Garalian calendar).

State coat of arms

The state coat of arms of the Sovereign State of Garal is an azure shield bearing a golden eight-pointed star on the top of a golden tower.

Yellow and blue are the national colours. The golden star and tower symbolize the Dux's Tower, the residence of the head of state.

Flag of Garal

The Flag of Garal (spanish: Bandera de Garal) is the national flag of the Sovereign State of Garal and is used to represent the country and its people.

It is rectangular with a ratio of 2:3. The background is vertically divided into two colours: yellow embattled on the hoist side, and blue on the fly. The colour division is made in a way that yellow spans 2⁄5 of the length and the remaining 3⁄5 are filled by blue (ratio 2:3). The yellow tower and the star of the coat of arms are positioned in the center of the blue part.

National anthem

The national anthem of the Sovereign State of Garal is a musical theme without letter and it lasts fifty-one seconds.

It is The Francis Urquhart's March, composed by Jim Parker in 1990 for political thrillers: House of Cards (UK version), To Play the King and The Final Cut.