Austin Young

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Austin Young
1st Governor of austin island
Assumed office
LieutenantEd Boyd
Preceded byNew Position
1st Monarch of Austin Island
In office
Preceded byNew position
Succeeded byPosition Abolished
Personal details
Austin Francis Young

17 June 2003 (2003-06-17) (age 21)
CitizenshipAustin island United states
Political partyPeople First Party (2020) Conservative independents(2019-2020)
ResidencesCrander,North Region Rainbow palace

Austin Young (born Austin Francis Young on June 17, 2003) is a statesman and a Republic of Austin Island politician, who is the current governor of Austin Island and former monarch of Austin Island.


Austin Young was born on june,17th,2003 in upstate new york. growing up he had an wild imagination he was intrested in everything. by the time austin young was 9 he got intrested in politics he said in an interview " i think a former massachuessetts governor help influenced my intrest in politics". in 2016 he lost his grandpa to cancer and wanted to be a cancer surgeon. but his intrest in politics was more important than being a surgeon. by 2019 came his intrest in micronationalism when he formed austin island. he was influenced by austenasia and molossia two well known micronations. he was later selected as monarch until elections were held in the summer. he was elected monarch on july,20th,2020 in a 1824-1027 vote by the assembly of people. this only lasted a month and the kingdom fell on october,1st,2020.on august,29th,2020 he was nominated governor of austin island.

monarch of austin island (2019-2020)

as monarch of austin island austin young slowly gained his popularity and a reputation.

COVID-19 pandemic

on march,12th,2020 the day after the pandemic declaration by the world health orginaztion austin young held a 10 minute press confrence. he told the nation that all travel is restricted to the us certain parts of canada and the rest of the world. he held limited press confrences or radio confrences after that. the austin island school district shut down that day. and with in the next month a tirade of closings happened until country clubs and restaraunts were closed for drive through and take out only on april,13th at 8pm. this was in lieu of the easter holiday the previous day. on may,7th he worked up a quick 10 phase plan to reopen austin island after all of the buisensses were shut down phases one through five was all of the seasonal buisnesses. even though drive throughs could reopen in austin island no earlier than may,10th at the earliest.

Race Relations

Austin Young doesnt support black lives matter he thinks it is a "one race perogative".but he does believe that black people are killed for being unarmed. he said that george floyd is an example of that. then he said think of a little kid losing their dad someone who looks up to them.


on august,30th,2020 austin young wrote a letter of abdication wishing to abdicate beacuse he was running for the newly formed office of governor and the kingdom had one more month left after a resolution passed 2321-932 for the dissouloution of the kingdom.

post monarchial activities

after austin young abidcated he wrote the brand new constitution of austin island and he won the peoples first party nomination, he lead the charge to having all polling places to close in austin island and have absentee ballots requested by two weeks prior to the elections. he also ran a successful campaign for governor of austin island. he won 27% of the vote in the first round of the gubernatorial election.and there fore a runoff in which he won with 55% of the vote a larger percent of the vote than his partys vote in the national assembly elections

Governor of austin island

on november,15th he won the election for governor of austin island officially four days after bill boswell conceded the race winning both regions by a greater margin in the first round winning the governorship by 239 votes. he took the oath of office infront of the national assembly and the speaker of the national assembly. the entire national assembly were on zoom (due to austin youngs social distancing wishes). and the lieutennant governor taking the same oath.

Covid plan

Austin Young made up a covid plan if a coronavirus case happens in austin island. his plan is to shut down all of austin island the day of the confirmation of a case for two weeks at minimum. all nursing home residents must wear a mask unless while six feet apart. and if necessary he will have nursing homes evacuated with loved ones grabbing all of their medicnes if a case happens in a nursing home. restaraunts and other buisnesses would be shut down at 8pm the day that the case is confirmed. schools will shut down after dismissal and will reopen with in two weeks if necessary and depends on the spread. police officers can arrest you if you violate these rules.

political positions

Austin Young is described as a progressive type of conservative. he calls him self a pro-life progressive


Austin Young does believe that there should be an eigth tax bracket of 29% for people making above 1,000,000 a year. this is to help the republic to pay off the 51.1 million units accrued in debt when the kingdom had to restructure and dissolve.


Austin Young is against abortions. but he said he didnt want his belief to infringe upon the others, when asked upon the arguement of full term abortions and what is said. he replied with 99% of all abortions happen 20 weeks or earlier in the pregnancy. and another question was asked upon him do you think that the us republican party is twisting the facts. he said honestly yes beacuse what the democrats want is for the woman to chose if they want the abortion done and no member of the democratic party to my knowledge has proposed a bill for a mandated abortions.

Same Sex Marriage

when asked about same sex marriage and the methodist church austin young replied with i think same sex couples are gods children too and the bible permits same sex marriage.

micronational relations

Austin Young is look forward to make diplomatic relations with a few micronations beacuse of the controversial question about nuking austenasia with austin islands advance millitary for the fun of it. that reporter apologized the next day and such questions should not be asked.

personal life

When Austin Young is not busy being the head of state of austin island he likes to play cricket and baseball. and he likes to edit austin islands microwikipages.

political endorsements

Election Candidate Party Winner
2021 virginia Gubernatorial Election Justin Fairfax (Primary) Democratic TBD
2022 Nys Gubernatorial Election Elise Stefanik Republican TBD
2021 Speaker of the house Election Conor Lamb (PA-17) Democratic Nancy Pelos
Next UK general Election Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland)

Boris Johnson (England,Northern Ireland,Wales)



2020 Washington Gubernatorial Election Loren Culp Republican Jay Inslee
2021 Virginia house of delegates and senate house of delegates (Republican), Senate (Republican)