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Republic of Ehrenwache
Ehrenwachen State (Unofficial)
The national standard used by Hobnob Von Wahlstadt and the institutions of the republic.
Ehrenwachen Claims
Ehrenwachen Claims
StatusVassal of Kamore
Official languagesGerman, English
Ehrenwachen Reformism
GovernmentMixed Unitary Parliamentary State under a military dictatorship
State Commander 
• 2024 - present
Hobnob Von Wahlstadt
General Commander 
• 2024 - Present
William Mevd
LegislatureParliamentary Council, State Council(de-facto)
• Declaration of Ehrenwache
16 March 2024
• Vassalship of Kamore
3 April 2024
• April Reforms
16th April 2024

Ehrenwache, officially known as the Republic of Ehrenwache (sometimes nicknamed the Ehrenwachen State), is a micronation claiming sovereignty over a small plot of land in Hong Kong. The micronation has not received recognition from any official countries of the United Nations. It was founded by Hobnob Von Wahlstadt.



Ehrenwache was founded by Hobnob Von Wahlstadt after the collaspe of the Republic of Velaria and was founded as a Totalitarian Military Dictatorship with Hobnob as Head of State and Government of the Republic of Ehrenwache.


Following Hobnob joining the State Council of Kamore, William proposed that Ehrenwache join the union of Kamore, Kirbia and Visnet, which Hobnob agreed to and a document would be made which enforced the Isolationist Edict of 2024 as well as turning William into General Commander of Ehrenwache as Head of Government which was signed by both William and Hobnob.

Reforms and Martial law

Following a lack of Militarism in Ehrenwache, Hobnob issued a list of reforms by Hobnob to create a new title of State Commander and it automatically holding the title of Staatsmarschall and this was done through several decrees. It also brought a new more Mixed and Parliamentary system. However, Martial law was declared on the same day as an executive order by state commander Hobnob.

Hobnob V. Wahlstadt is the most important figure in Ehrenwache as the state commander



While Ehrenwache is officially only recognised with the National Standard, many proposed and unofficial flags are still used to represent Ehrenwache.


The Government of Ehrenwache is a Parliamentary State with the Parliamentary Council as the legislature and the State Commander as head of state and General Commander for government. However, due to martial law, Ehrenwache is a de-facto Military Dictatorship.

Head of State

The state commander is known as the official head of state of Ehrenwache, he is the commander-in-chief of the Staatswehr, Chief Magistrate of the judiciary and acts as the unofficial "chairman" of the parliamentary council.

Parliamentary Council

The Parliamentary Council is an assembly of civil servants and mayors who come together to create and vote on laws. While the mayors and civil servants act like a bicameral legislature, the council is classified as a tricameral one with a top branch known as the General Assembly filled with executives such as the state commander and general commander.