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Types of government

A Confederation, not to be confused with Federation, is a form of national or supranational government in which the State is comprised of a number of autonomous or semi-autonomous States or Communities. Modern Confederations tend to be comprised of multiple sovereign Nations rather than autonomous regions, as in a Federation. Confederations are usually established with the intention of addressing critical international issues. In almost all cases a Confederation is established through a simple treaty and then later evolves to become a Constitutional entity, possibly resulting in the creation of a Federation. Membership in a Confederation is always voluntary, unlike in a Federation where member States are obliged to remain part of the union. One of the few examples of a micronational confederation is the Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata, although it is more of a federation, as its constituents are bound by treaty to stay in the Confederation. Nonetheless, given its constituent's cultural and economic autonomy, it may still be called a confederation.

Confederations are rarely titled by the term used to apply for the alliance. Instead, the titles Alliance or Union are often applied. Many Intermicronational organizations could be considered confederations. These could include the Organisation of Active Micronations and the Grand Unified Micronational.