United Snakes of America

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United Snakes of America
Flag of the United Snakes of America

GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
- SnakidentSnakident Owen Farnsworth
- Vice SnakidentVice Snakident Jenene Grover
- Secretary of SnakeSecretary Jeremy Grover
LegislatureHouse and Nest of Snakes
Established6th of June, 2020
Population25 (as of 2020 census)
Time zone(UTC)
National animalWatermocasin
Patron saintSaint Patrick



The United Snakes of America is NOT a serious micronation and should not be treated as such. The purpose of this community is to explore the workings of different governments to attempt to create a better system of government for the world. At no point should any speech, election, or law out of this community be taken seriously. At several points, this community attempts to break its own laws and regulations in an attempt to simulate corruption to see how their government system holds up. Elections have and will continue to be rigged at times, do not expect anything more or less.

With all of that being said, this article will attempt to explain the rules, regulations, history, government, and culture of the United Snakes of America. With no immigration policy to date, this community is open to newcomers and will gladly accept anyone who wishes to partake in the government experiment. It welcomes those who want to seek the highest office in the land through corrupt or legitimate means and all decisions made by those in power have an actual effect on the government of the free snake world. As you read the rest of this article, you may notice that it is written with the sentiment of a serious micronation, feel free to laugh at the history or how the gov't works. Please check out the links section to join the community, ask questions. or just to see this in action for yourself.

System of Government


The United Snakes of America is a Representative Democracy. This means that the people elect candidates to represent them in government as opposed to directly voting on laws themselves. This system has two benefits, one being that it doesn't impede the lives of citizens, and the second being that it allows for more thoughtful discussion and preparation of laws. It is important to note that the word constitutional is left out of the type of Government that the Snakes use. This means that they have no constitution to provide a basis of law or government but instead operate on good faith and passed legislation. There are three branches of government, the Legislature, being comprised of the House of Snakes and the Snake Nest, the Executive, being comprised of the Snakidency and Vice Snakidency, and the Judiciary, being comprised of one Snakepreme Court which rules on the ethics and morality of laws and the behavior of elected officials. First, let's take a look at the Legislature.

House of Snakes

The body that reviews laws and approves them for judgment is the House of Snakes. The house of snakes is comprised of 5 seats and one Speaker. The Speaker chooses the meeting agenda and what bills will be brought forth for approval. Each Snake in the House is allowed 10 minutes if they so choose to take it for speaking on bills,. If a Snake requests additional or extended speaking time, it may be granted at the behest of the Speaker of the Snakes. At the end of the speaking period, the snakes vote on the bill and the bill is either sent to the Snake Nest or sent away. The House of Snakes must vote on each bill it brings to the table, if this takes longer than the allotted meeting time, the meeting may be ended and the bill addressed in the next meeting; but, no new bill may be introduced until the previous bill is brought to a vote.

House Elections

Snakes are elected to the House on the 15th of Every Month. At any one time, half of the House Snakes are up for election. The current snakes up for reelection are:

  • JmP10191
  • iMovie4 (Speaker of the Snakes)

Snake Nest

The upper house of the legislature is the Snake Nest. The job of the Snake Nest is to judge bills up for judgment after the House of Snakes has approved and sent them. Nestors (the title officially given to Snakes serving in the Snake Nest) do not conform to the same rules as the House of Snakes and have unlimited talking time only if granted by the Snakident pro Nestore. After the speaking time is granted, the Nestor cannot be forced to yield and must yield either to the Snakident pro Nestore, which will resume the meeting of the Nest as the Snakident pro Nestore sees fit, or to another Nestor who may speak as they see fit until they yield their time to either the Snakident pro Nestore or another Nestor and so on. Unlike the House of Snakes which relies on the Speaker to introduce the legislative agenda, any Nestor can bring forth a bill approved for judgment. Also unlike the House of Snakes, the Nest has no obligation to bring forth any approved legislation if they do not wish to.

Nestore Legislation

Any legislation brought forth by a Nestor is titled "Nestore Legislation". The primary and most common use of Nestore Legislation is to set an advisory session with the Snakident, this kind of Nestore Legislation must be approved by the Vice Snakident or a complete majority of the Nest. The second and less common use is to set temporary national laws such as national curfews, mandatory vaccinations, public salary aide, and martial law. These need to approved by the Snakident to become temporary law and the legislation must set out a time limit for the length of the Legislature. Nestore Legislation can be approved to be extended with a simple majority of the Nest and approval from the Vice Snakident or a complete majority of the Nest.

Nest Elections

Nest elections happen on the 15th of every other month. Half of the Nestors are elected during a Snakident's midterm and half are elected at the same time as the Snakident. Nestors currently up for election:

  • THATWIERDDUCKIE (Snakident pro Nestore)
  • Linkforever
  • Budders

Executive Branch

The Executive branch of the United Snakes of America is headed by two main, separately elected positions: the Snakident and the Vice Snakident. In the United Snakes of America, the Snakident and Vice Snakident are elected separately. This means that you (sometimes) have different candidates for Snakident and Vice Snakident). In the most recent election, Snakidential Incumbent Jeremy Grover beat his Vice Snakident, Jenene Grover, in the bid for the Snakidency. Vice Snakident Grover, who was also running to keep her seat as Vice Snakident (more on the election process later) lost her seat to current Vice Snakident, Owen Farnsworth. We will dive more in-depth into the complicated world of United Snakes elections soon, but for now, just understand that you can run for both seats at the same time, but may only hold one. Let's take a look at what each position does.


The official title of the Snakident of the United Snakes of America is his/her Excellency, by the will of the people, [Snakidents Name], Snakident of these United Snakes of America. While the title is often shortened to just "Snakident", official documents written or approved by the Snakident must be signed with this title. But what does the Snakident do? It isn't just all ceremonies and rubber stamping, the Snakident is the primary caretaker of the Election Commission and has the job of naming an Election Tzar who will run the elections, ensure that votes are gathered and counted, and announce winners to the public. Though the Nest must approve the nominee, they may not submit their own. The Snakident also must appoint a primary caretaker of the community, the Secretary of Snake who handles the execution of laws and carries out punishment set forth by the Judiciary.

Snakidential Elections

Snakidential Elections are held on the 15th of every other month, as part of the recent agenda to promote democracy, election cycles were completely restarted with the October Elections held on October 15th. Snakidents up for election:

  • Snakident Jeremy Grover

Vice Snakident

Although the Vice Snakident holds less power than the Snakident (and doesn't hold an extended title), the Vice Snakidency is just as important. As laid out previously, it is the Vice Snakident's job to either approve or veto Nestore Legislation and the Vice Snakident also has the unique privilege of appointing Snakepreme Court Justices. Though the Justices must be approved by the Nest, they may not nominate Justices.

Vice Snakidential Elections

Vice Snakidents are elected the same day as Snakidents. Vice Snakdients up for election:

  • Vice Snakident Owen Farnsworth

Secretary of Snake

The Secretary of Snake is the main enforcer for the community laws and regulations. Members of the Snake Department operate as agents to sniff out criminals so that they may be delivered to the highest and only court, the Snakepreme Court. The jurisdiction of the Snake Department is community-wide as it is, to date, the only law enforcement available.

Judicial Branch

The Judiciary of the United Snakes of America consists of one Court, the Snakepreme Court. The goal of the Snakepreme Court is to impose judgment on supposed criminals and to ensure that the Nest, House, and Snakidency are all operating within reasonable conjunction with the law. The Snakepreme Court can take control of the Snake Department with an order from the Chief Justice and ratification from a simple majority of its members. The goal of this rule is to take away the power of the Snakident to arrest or detain indiscriminately in case of corruption. The Snakepremem Court can also do this to arrest members of government for trial and if a warrant for a member of government is not being fulfilled in a timely manner. While the Judiciary has control of the Snake Department, they may not change any policy but can change the Secretary of Snake who can then change policy. The Chief Justice can name themselves as the Secretary of Snake but the Nest will still have to ratify new Secretaries of Snake. If the Judiciary manages to change the Secretary of Snake, the Snakident would have to fire the new Secretary and get the old Secretary re-ratified in order to change the position back.

Snakepreme Court

The Snakepreme Court is comprised of 3 Justices and one Chief Justice. When a Chief Justice resigns, dies, or is impeached by the House and convicted by the Nest and thus deposed, a Snakepreme Court seat opens and may be filled by the Vice Snakident. When there is no Chief Justice, the Justices must declare a new Chief Justice. This process of declaring a new Chief Justice is informal and can just be a hand count. The Snakepreme Court can function without a Chief Justice with each Justice introducing cases but when a Chief Justices is in power, they are the only ones who can set a judicial agenda. One thing that the Snakepreme Court cannot do without a Chief Justice is taking control of the Snake Department and impeach government employees.

Chief Justice of the Snakepreme Court

The Chief Justice stays the Chief Justice until they leave or are removed from power. As stated before the Snakepreme Court can function without the Chief Justice but cannot impeach and convict government employees or take control of the Snake Department. There is nothing stopping the Snakepreme Court from electing a Cheif Justice only for a limited amount of time or from electing more than one Chief Justice.

Complete History of the United Snakes of America

A comprehensive list of elections and general history from the United Snakes of America

Election: Oct 2020

Snakident Grover Campaign

Poster from the Oct 2020 Grover for Snakident Campaign


The Grover Campaign started out as the frontrunning campaign and ran into no issues until the second Grover campaign (for Vice Snakident Grover, a different person) stepped up their advertising campaign. The Grover Campaign responded to this by launching a website, currently the only campaign to do so in United Snakes history. The Grover Campaign was helped massively by running an incumbent and having the election commission continually announcing the polling data for the election. The Grover Campaign ran on policies of being the incumbent and therefore the best choice.

Only the Second Snakident in United Snakes history, there was not much for Snakident Grover to do that would negatively affect his image. The Snakident also rode high on the endorsement of the first Snakident, George Watermocasin, which won him his first term but was not brought up in campaign advertising.


During the Grover Campaign, a conversation was released by the Herwitz campaign between the incumbent Snakident and the Election Tzar where the Election Tzar offers to fix the election for the Snakident. Despite declining, the Snakident's polling numbers reflected the opposition to this conversation that the public had and perhaps led to the tightening of the race between the Herwitz and Grover campaigns. Either way, it definitely hurt the Snakident and helped the Herwitz campaign.

Herwitz Campaign

Poster for the 10/15 Herwitz Campaign for Snakident


The Herwitz Campaign started out as the far back candidate as the candidate, Jude Herwitz, had held no public office before running for Snakident, despite this he was labeled as the front runner in the last polls for Snakident. Winning just 37% of the vote, Herwitz lost the election to incumbent Snakident Grover. It is not all bad news for the Herwitz Campaign as he won a House seat and later his bid for the Speaker of the Snakes. The Herwitz campaign platformed on positive change for the Snakes and a new system of government that would eliminate the need for unnecessary elections. The Herwiz campaign is quoted at one point as saying "the people voted once, they don't need to vote again."


The Herwitz campaign blew up in popularity with the impeachment trial of then Election Tzar Owen Farnsworth. Due to the connections that he had in the house, the trial never went through but due to Herwitz's connection the event and the arrest he was innexplicably linked to the event and pushed up in popularity.

Some sources claim that a second scandal of the Herwitz campaign is the illegal voting from outside sources which is what helped him steal second place from Vice Snakident Grover. There is no evidence to back up this claim but some speculate that Herwtiz was scheming with the Election Tzar and threw him under the bus when things went south with their plan. This theory is further supported in that the Election Tzar seemed to be attempting to position himself for Secretary of Snake.

Vice Snakident Grover Campaign

The campaign poster for the 10/15 J. Grover Campaign


When Vice Snakident Grover initiated her campaign, she was cautious to also run for Vice Snakident in the hopes that even if she lost her bid for Snakident, she would still have a position to fall back on. Unfortuantely for the Vice Snakident, it seems that the people didn't like this confidence-lacking tactic and she came in as the third most voted candidate. What is perhaps more unfortunate for the Vice Snakident's campaign is the lead she gave to her opponent, Snakident Jeremy Grover. The Majority of the votes for the campaign went to the Snakident Grover's campaign after the Vice Snakident lost. This is the only thing that pushed her primary opponent over challenger Jude Herwitz and back into the lead.


During the Grover-Grover administration, one of the Vice Snakident's main agendas was an anti-corruption campaign. Tragically, even she coud not escape the association with the Election Tzar scandal. After the Vice Snakident learned of potential vote rigging, she attempted to interviene privately. When then Election Tzar Owen Farnsworth found out about this, he immediately coordinated with then Speaker of the Snakes Justice Wazelewski to dismiss any impeachment vote or criminal trial and started a collection of dirt on the Vice Snakident that could be use in case of a later impeachment trial.

This election was hard fought by all sides but ended with the current election Tzar, having used all sides to his advantage, becoming Snakident. This move was highly illegal and should not have been accepted but for some unknown reason (probably corruption) was. The outcome of this election would prove to be a tragedy for the United Snakes as the new Snakident would prove himself a brutal suppressor of civil rights and another election would not be held until July 15th of the next year after public outcry for elections to resume.

Election: July 2021

Snakident Farnsworth Campaign

The campaign poster for the 07/15 Snakident O. Farnsworth Campaign


Snakident Farnsworth's entire career in Snake-based politics has been mired in conspiracy and corruption so it was no surprise when he won the previous election and elections weren't held for the next seven months, effectively keeping the Snakident in office for THREE AND A HALF terms, technically making him the longest-serving Snakident thus far with a total of four terms in the history books. After public calls for elections to resume, the Snakident finally scheduled elections to take place on the 15th of July, 2021. It did come as a surprise; however, when the Snakident's campaign came out with posters openly admitting to election fraud and corruption. The most famous of which are "It doesn't matter how you vote, Unix will win" and "The election is rigged, do not vote incorrectly." It had become clear that this election would be about a show of power and determining those loyal to the Snakident and less about an actual democratic System


It's hard to say what can actually be listed as a scandal for this campaign. During the election almost none of the corruption, intimidation, or voter fraud from previous elections was hidden. Even the corruption of then Vice Snakident, Jenene Grover, who had been previously heralded as a vanguard against corruption, was covered up. To look at this entire campaign as anything other than a scandal would be a fallacy, nothing about the campaign was clean or free from negative or criminal influence.