Empire of Achkirk

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Empire of Achkirk

'Explore Beyond the Mountains'
Black Bear
Inverness, Northern Scotland
Capital cityRuthven
Largest cityRuthven
Official language(s)Norwegian, English.
Official religion(s)Athiest
Short nameAchkirk
GovernmentImperial Monarchy
- EmperorEmperor Dylan A. I
- Appointed GovernorJohn AB Citizen
LegislatureEmperor's Honorary Parlimanet
EstablishedApril 27, 2021
Area claimed10km²
Population-11 (as of 2021 census)
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zone(BST)
National sportRugby
National animalHighland Cow

The Grand Empire of Achkirk, more commonly known as Achkirk, is a micronation in Northern Scotland. Achkirk was founded after Emperor Dylan A. I decided to get independence from the British. Independence was declared on the 27th of April 2021. Politically, the Empire of Achkirk is an Imperial Monarchy but the nation has a parliament. The country is 100% White.

The Imperial and Honorary Cabinet has currently gotten none members in it, but is hiring. The Emperor has stated that "I will get a cabinet no bother". Parliament is a system which has no political parties, this gives people there own opinion and unlikely to follow others. HM Emperor is the speaker, while his royal advisor is the Deputy Speaker.

The Empire has made a few allies, they are preparing to get into the Nordic Union, as we embrace our Nordic and Scots culture.


A few thousand years ago, the lands were settled by the Picts. Especially Ord's Hill (owned by Achkirk) where they built a fort. Lands tried to get invaded by the Roman's, but the armies were too strong and the Romans left Scotland. Achkirk was then invaded by the wonderful Norwegian vikings and we got our Nordic culture, which we celebrate.

After the viking's left we joined Scotland and then later Great Britain. But on April 27th, 2021 we declared independence from the U.K. Our history is still expanding.