Republic of Saravatska

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Serbian Republic of Saravatska
Српски Репубλика Сараватска
Srpski Republika Saravatska
Coat of Arms
Flags of Saravatska
Coat of arms of Saravatska
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Неδа Срби Своје!"
"A Serb Doesn't Give What's Theirs!"
Anthem: "Srbina Čuva Slava i Bog"
Map of Saravatska (With North Saravatska and the S.A.R)
LocationOhio and West Virgnia, United States
Recognized languagesSerbian
Ethnic groups
  • 75% Saravati
  • 18% Americans
  • 5% Mexican
  • 2% German
• President
Veslei Šultilović
LegislatureUnicameral Legislature
• Independence
25' January, 2023
• Constitution ratified
18' January, 2023
• Water (%)
• Estimate
• Census
GDP (PPP)2023 estimate
• Total
Đ 141.3 Billion
HDI (2022)0.811
very high
CurrencyĐ Saravati Dinar
Time zoneUTC-5 (SST Saravati Standard Time)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.ks

The Serbian Republic of Saravatska, more commonly known as Saravatska, is a micronation in West Virginia, United States. The first ever creation of Saravatska was a solo movement against the rising political tension in the United States. It sits as the only Serbian known independence movement within the state of West Virginia.

The Republic of Saravatska is a Serbian independent republic within the United States, which has been pushing for independence since early 2022.

Leadership and Consulation

The leader is bound to the republic for life as stated in the constitution, as not to ruin the country with new values every few months or years.

Relations with Micronationals

During the creation and formation of Saravatska, the country tries to push towards Pro-Serbian nations. In the wake of the creation, Saravatska had yet to make any allies or formations with any countries.


The name "Saravatska" comes from the combination of the words of Sarajevo (the Bosnian capital) and Hrvatska or Croatia. Inspiration for the name come from the Bosnian Serbs and Croatian Serbs.

Uncommon names for the nation are also used in its everyday life. Some examples include: "Republic of Americans and Serbs", "Serbian Republic", and "Republic of Free America".


In April, 2022, the Independent Republic of Saravatska was formed. Behind it was a will to become an independent state, though the government was not fully formed.

In late 2022, the Serbian Saravatska Party (SSP) won the critical choice and became a willing force in Saravatska.

On May 17, 2023, the Governmental Processing and Dates Agency (GPDA) announced that June 15 through June 18 will stand as national day of remembrance and rejoice.

Politics and government

Real World Politics

Republic of Srpska (Republika Srpska) - The Republic of Saravatska is very open and friendly to the Republic of Srpska. Saravatska openly has reported to support the secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Serbian leader, Milorad Dodik is actively praised to be a saving force for the Republic of Srpska. Although the difference of regions between the Republic of Saravatska and Srpska, Saravatska is very open to support the republic.

Republic of Kosovo (Kosova-Kosovë) - The Republic of Saravatska is very critical of Kosovo and recognizes it as apart of Serbia and not as an independent republic. The Kosovan flag is publicly banned from use in Saravatska as well as the displaying of patchs, banners or flags of the UÇK. The UÇK is considered a terrorist group in Saravatska and is the equivalent to a level 8 on the TTD (Terror Danger Level) scale.
Russian Federation (Российская Федерация) - Saravatska openly supports Russia and its operations in Ukraine.

Republic of Serbia, (Република Србија) - Saravatska wishes its best for Serbia, and her allies.

Republic of Abkhazia (Республика Абхатия) - Saravatska recognizes them as an independent Russian state from Georgia.

Peoples Republic of Donetsk (Народная Донецкая Республика) - Saravatska is openly supportive of the Russian operation in Ukraine, and recognizes Donetsk as a fully independent republic

Political Parties

Logo Name Spectrum Ideologies Lower House Upper House Cabinet
Won Serbian Saravatska Party SSP Right-Democratic Freedomist


2 / 3
10 / 10
4 / 5
Failed American Provisional Government APG Left-Pro-LGBTQ Americanism
1 / 3
0 / 10
1 / 5

Law and order

The MUP or Ministry of Internal Affairs controls the Milicija, the police force of Saravatska.

Foreign relations

The New German Empire is allied with the Republic of Saravatska

Army of the Republic of Saravatska

Army of the Republic of Saravatska
Војска Репубλике Сараватске
Vojska Republike Saravatske
Motive(s)Protection of the Republic of Saravatska
AllegianceRepublic of Saravatska
Commander GeneralVeslei Šultilović
HeadquartersSuzagrade, Majevica
  Black   White
Split fromUnited States Armed Forces
Flag Patch
Helmet Decal


A typical uniform of a VRS member

The Army of the Republic of Saravatska (VRS) was founded on 22 February 2021


The Commander General of the VRS is Veslei Šultilović which controls all divisions and units within the VRS.

Military operations

  • Operation Oluja (22 February 2021-Present) Independence operation; Ongoing


Division Role Regiments and Battalions
Korpus 1. "Srbija" 1st Corps
1st Oslobodenja Division Rifle Division 504th Ballistiku Regiment

425th Legenda Battalion 426th Poslovi Battalion

2nd Krajinšnik Division Anti-tank Division 505th Vitezovi Regiment

427th Maranovi Battalion 428th Martonsu Battalion

3rd Arkan Division Cavalry Division 506th Tigrovi Regiment

429th Hercegovine Battalion 430th Bosnu Battalion

4th Alpinsku Division Armored-Rifle Division 507th Sulovi Regiment

431st Rabentovci Battalion 432nd Gradovi Battalion

Korpus 2. "Legenda" 2nd Corps
5th Karadžić Division Military Police
6th Bojna Hrvata Division Armored Division
7th Ratka Division Designated Marksmen Division
8th Pobjedica Division Transportation and Resupply Division
Korpus 3. "Hamza I Gazija"
9th Kukavice Division Artillery-Battery Division
10th Viteška Division Checkpoint Control Division
11th Hamza Division Artillery-Battery Division
12th Gazija Division Armored Division
Korpus 4. "Lukćiću"
13th Labudovi Division Artillery-Battery Division
14th Kladuše Division Designated Marksmen Division
15th Dobrovoljci Division Volunteer Rifle Division
16th Drina Division Heavy Artillery-Battery Division
Korpus 5. "Italsicu"
17th Mitraljez Division Support Division
18th Beograd Division Heavy Infantry Division
19th Niš Division Anti-tank Division
20th Novi Sad Division Military Police
Korpus 6. "Kordjevo"
21st Ljubiša Savić Division Recon Division
22nd Lazar Division Transportation and Resupplz Division
23rd Mržišu Division Anti-Riot Military Police
24th Narodna Division Civilian Population Protection Division
Korpus 7. "Gradu Srbiju"
25th Oluja Division Anti-pocketed Warfare
26th Zastava Division Anti-corridor Warfare
27th Jažu Division Armored Division
28th Mišu Division Support Division
Korpus 8. "Oju Bosna"
29th Jurišnika Division Artillery-Battery Division
30th Domovina Division Military Police
31st Bosansku Division Recon Division
32nd Sloboda Division Anti-Tank Division
Korpus 9. "Speciojalna Diviziju"
Special Operations Division Moxsija Special Operations and Anti-Terrorist Division
Special Operations Division Panteri Special Operations and Anti-Terrorist Division
Special Operations Division

Vukovi Sa Suze

Special Operations Division
Special Operations Division

Orlovi Grmeca

Special Operations Division
Special Anti-Terror DivisionSrpski Husari Anti-Terrorism Division


Tanks and armored vehicles

  • T-80
  • T-72
  • T-55
  • BVP M-80
  • OT M-60
  • BTR-70
  • BTR-80
  • BOV

Towed artillery

  • ZiS-3
  • ZiS-2
  • M101 howitzer
  • M777A2

Self-propelled artillery

  • 2S1 Gvozdika
  • M109A7


  • Type 63 MLRS
  • BM-21 Grad


  • AT-3 Sagger

Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns (SPAAG)

  • M53/59 Praga
  • SM-5
  • ZSU-57-2
  • BOV-3


  • Stinger

Infantry weapons


  • Glock 17
  • Beretta M9

Assault rifles

  • Zastava M21
  • Zastava M70AB2
  • M4A1

Battle rifles

  • Zastava M77
  • FN FAL

Submachine guns

  • MP5
  • AKS-74U
  • MP7

Machine guns

  • M2 Browning
  • RPK
  • RPD
  • PKM
  • Zastava M53
  • M249 SAW

Sniper rifles

  • Zastava M-76

Anti-tank weapons

  • RPG-7

Air Force of the Republic of Saravatska

Air Force of the Republic of Saravatska
Ратно Вазδухопλовства и Против Вазδушна Оδвана Војска Репубλике Сараватске
Ratno Vazduhoplovstva i Protiv Vazdušna Odbrana Vojske Republike Saravatske
Motive(s)Protection of the Republic of Saravatska
AllegianceRepublic of Saravatska
Commander GeneralVeslei Šultilović
  Black   White   Maroon
Split fromUnited States Air Force
Flag Patch

Ratno Vazduhoplovstva i Protiv Vazdušna Odbrana Vojske Republike Saravatske or RV i PVO RS protects and attacks troops from the air.



  • MiG-29
  • MiG-21


  • Su-24

Strike Aircraft

  • SU-25
  • Yak-130
  • J-22 Orao
  • G-4 Super Galeb
  • L-39 Albatros


  • Z-11W
  • Mi-8
  • Mi-24

Administrative regions

The regions of Saravatska are separated by hills and valleys. The term "Oblast" is used as it is the Slavic term for a region.

Status Name Area
3rd Largest City Majevica-Мајевица 17.8 Mi
4th Largest City Pjredorcia-Ҧреδорциа 13.1 Mi
Capital Suzagrade-Сузаграδ 6.24 Mi
2nd Largest City Kosarska-Косарска 20.56 Mi
Capital Oblast Suzagrade Oblast-Сузаграδ Обλаст 23.33 Mi
2nd Largest Oblast Mladica Oblast- Мλаδица Обλаст 18.23 Mi
3rd Largest Oblast Pjale Oblast- Пјаλе Обλаст 13.3 Mi
4th Largest Oblast Sjimo-Suzagrade Oblast- Сјимо-Сузаграде Обλаст 8.1 Mi

Geography and climate

Weather (Annually)
Late January–March April–August September–November December–Early January
Most Common Temp: 30°- 60° Most Common Temp: 60°- 70° Most Common Temp: 80°- 60° (In Fall) Most Common Temp: 20° - 10°
Rainfall (Annually)
January–March April–August September–November December–Early January
Amount: 5-7 Inches Amount: 9-14 Inches Amount: 2 inches Amount: 4-5 Inches


The economy of Saravatska is currently at a 0.2% inflation rate and ranks #1 on development in the area (Micronations only counted). The US Dollar is worth less than a Saravati Dinar almost by 6% due to inflation. Food and essential prices are controlled indefinitely by the Government of Saravatska and the Department of Consumption and Agriculture. Price changing even by a small percentage is illegal within Saravatska, and can result in a Đ30,000 or even a Đ700,000 fine.

Saravatska runs on the Saravati Dinar, similar to the Serbian Dinar or RS Dinar. The symbol for a Saravati Dinar is Đ, which is the Serbian Dj sound.

Culture and media

Order and Medals

Order of the Hero of the Republic of Saravatska

Order of the Republic of Saravatska

Order of the Memorial of War

Order of St. George

Order of the Alpine Mountaineers

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