Istorian-Erusian War

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Istorian-Erusian War
DateJune 18, 2010 - June 23, 2010
Status Ended; Never Recognized
Istoria Erusia (never recognized Istoria or state of armed conflict)
Commanders and leaders
King Max Kasbar Robert Lethler
Unknown Unknown

The Istorian-Erusian War is a reported unilateral armed conflict started by the Kingdom of Istoria against the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. It began on June 18, 2010, and ended on June 23rd when Istoria pulled its declaration. The Central People's Government of Erusia does not recognise Istoria and never recognized the conflict, and it was deemed illegimate by the international community. Istoria stopped the war on June 23.



On June 18, 2010, the Kingdom of Istoria declared war on Erusia, because Istoria is anti-Communist and because Istoria's king wanted money. The Democratic People's Republic of Erusia has not acknowledged any communication from Istoria, which it does not recognise as a nation-state, and had called on the intermicronational community to ignore the conflict entirely.


After hearing the response from the micronational community, Max Kasbar of Istoria dissipated the declaration on June 23 and formally ended the war.

Intermicronational response

Ultamian Response

Ultamiya was the first micronation to speak on Istoria's decision to declare war. An email was sent to Ultamiya asking to join the war against Erusia, which was declined. Ultamian President David had decided to remain neutral until "Istoria's national security is directly threatened", which it never was. He had deemed Istoria's declaration of war on Erusia a hate crime towards Communism.

Patetopian Response

After hearing the reason for war, Patetopia condemned the conflict, calling it "senseless and 100% unnecessary".

Petorian Response

President Kalvin Koolidge described the deceleration of war on Erusia as a "Ridiculous attempt at receiving attention in the community." Petorio condemned the war and, apart from this statement, did not recognize the conflict.

Theodian Response

His Grace, King Swen, formally condemned Istoria's war against Erusia to the Theodian public, stating, "It is a wholly unnecessary and absolutely ludicrous action. Erusia has given Istoria no cause to war, and Istoria has no reason, whatsoever, to declare war on Erusia. We condemn this pseudo-conflict, and hope that Istoria will avoid making such rash and unwise decisions in the future." (Original comment made in Theodspraask[1]) King Swen later told Istoria that their reasons were "against Sun Tzu" and that it would be impossible for them to make any money off of the conflict, and that the thought of doing so was crazy. King Swen commonly refered to the war as a "joke".

Secundomian and Sterling Responses

Parker I codemned the declaration of war by Istoria.

References and notes

  1. This was a lie; Theodspraask was not well-enough developed to be capable of fully expressing this sentiment.