Union of Samian City States

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Union of Samian City States
Capital (and largest city) Weston
Official language English
Demonym Samian
Government Parliamentary Republic
Prime Minister Sam West
Seats 4
Established 20 April 2010
Area 2 acres
Population 16
Currency US dollar

The Union of Samian City States, also known as the USCS, the Samian Union or the Samian Empire, was a micronation that existed in North America. The USCS was a federation of several city states. It bordered the United States of America, and the Confederation of Awesome. The nation joined the Confederation of Awesome and was annexed September 10, 2010.



The Union of Samian City States government was founded with 3 documents. The first was the Secession Declaration, ratified on April 20, 2010, which officially declared the USCS separate from the United States of America. The Second was the Constitution of the USCS, ratified on April 25, 2010 which set up the basis for the Union Government. Lastly, the Bill of Additions was ratified on April 26, and is an ongoing list of amendments to the Constitution, as well as a statement of rights given to the people by the Union government.


The Union of Samian City States opened diplomatic relations with the Confederation of Awesome and signed a military alliance with the Empire of Jake during June 2010. When the nation nearly entered into war with the Monarchy of Sophopolis, the Treaty of Vestavia 2010 was signed between the two, stipulating non-agression and restricted military buildup to prevent a war. After the economy of the Empire of Jake collapsed, the army of Brantley Evans asked to be annexed into the USCS, and were accepted in as a part of the Alabaster SCS.

2010 Election

The nation was still technically in the state of its provisional government until the August 5th election. In the election, Sam West became Prime Minister officially, with his Liberal Party winning two seats. The Marijuana Party one one seat, forming the Official Opposition. Politician Cory Findlay campaigned aggressively to become Prime Minister, however, he was defeated in all ridings due to his percieved far-right views. Smarted by his inability to take control of a micronation, Findlay would later create his own- the Southern Union.


The Union was becoming less ane less active in late August and September 2010. This inactivity became a key factor in the nations politics, and on September 5, 2010, the President called a meeting for citizens of the nation called the "Confrence on National Dissolution or Preservation of Union." The meeting took two votes. The first was a vote on whetether the attending members wished to remain a part of the USCS or return to the United States. This vote turned up 57% would leave and 43% would stay. All citizens who chose to leave the Union left the meeting. The next vote was among citizens who remained interested, on whether to continue as an indpenedent state or join the neighboring Confederation of Awesome. This vote was 60% for merging with the Confederation, 40% for maintaining independence. A state Constitution was drafted, and on September 10, 2010, the Union of Samian City States became the Commonwealth of the Samian States.


The Union of Samian City States is a secular, federated, parliamentary democracy. A Prime Minister is elected every four years based on the number of seats his party wins in Parliament. Parliament is a unicameral legislature consisting of one representative from each City-State. The Judicial System of the USCS is that of a High Court.

City-State Government

The USCS consists of 3 city-states, federated into a union. Each city state is further divided into cities. These states are semi-autonomous, and have the right to regulate powers not given to the government in the constitution. States can make descisions for themselves about certain issues, although they are restricted of certain rights in the constitution, ie, states cannot have their own military, print their own money, etc.

Foreign Policy

The USCS maintained a defensive and slightly expansionist foreign policy, saying that it's overall goal is to annex new City-States without going to war. Recently, the Union has entered into Diplomatic relations with the Republic of Atlantis, and formally joined the World Micronations Alliance.

Administrative Divisions

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Name Governor Abbreviation Annexation Date Cities
Alabaster City State Lori Brundege AB 6/20/10 Alabaster, Montevallo
Weston City State Sam West BI 6/20/10  Weston
Panama City State Jess Stroud PC 6/20/10  Panama City


The Culture of the Samian Union is a combination of American, German, and Japanese culture, as well as Sam's personal eccintricities. The National Animals of the USCS are the Three Birds of the Union (the Pheonix, the Prussian Eagle, and the Ictarine Warbler.) The national tree is the palm, and the national fruit is the Lemon. The Union's main cuisine includes the national drink, Slurpees, and the national food of pancakes, eaten for late breakfast.


The USCS maintains a small standing military, the Blue Army. This military consists of only ground forces, and is currently 5 men strong. This army uses a combination of Airsoft weapons and staffs for short range. The General of the Army is Brantley Evans, and the President serves as Strategic Advisor. All army members are currently stationed at the nations 3 army bases- Vernon, Trussville, and Alabaster. The Blue Army has not been mobilized in any conflicts.

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