Southern Union

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Southern Union
August 9, 2010- November 7, 2010
Motto: "In God We Trust"
Capital New Montgomery
Language English
Demonym Southern 
Government Presidential Federal Republic
President Cory Findlay
Historical era Modern era
–Foundation of the Southern Union 9 August 2010
Preceeded by None
Succeeded by None 

The Southern Union was a micronation that existed in the Trussville Sector from August 10, 2010, to November 7, 2010.


Corey Findley, an avid micronationalist from Trussville, Alabama, founded the Southern Union on August 10, 2010, after he failed to become Prime Minister of the Samian Union in the 2010 Election. The original territory of the Southern Union was the houses of Findley and three of his friends. The Southern Union quickly opened up diplomatic relations with the Confederation of Awesome.
Findley wanted to expand the Southern Union, so he created the Southern Army on September 1, and began a recruitment drive, which peaked drafted soldiers at 8. On September 25, 2010, the country issued a declaration of Southern Union territory, which vastly expanded the nation into land it essentially had no control over. When the Confederation of Awesome refused to recognize these borders, calling them “unrealistic,” Findley broke diplomatic relations with the Confederation. Citizens of the Southern Union began harassing Confederation citizens. On October 7, the Southern Union declared war on the Confederation of Awesome, in order to take territory from it to legitimize its claims.
During the war, the Southern Union attacked the Confederation at the Battles of Province and Alabaster. Both were losses to the Southern Military, and, Findley, sensing defeat, surrendered on November 7, 2010. In accordance with the Treaty of Province 2010, the Southern Union was dissolved.


During its existence, the Southern Union was governed as a federal Presidential republic, lead by President Cory Findley. The legislative branch was a unicameral Congress, with one representative from each state. Southern Union government was otherwise based entirely on the United States Constitution, the only other change being a lack of Presidential term limits.

Administrative Divisions

Originally, the nation was divided into three states, Rodgerson, Garrisonia, Birmingham, with New Montgomery serving as a capitol district. These other states were houses, meaning the Union controlled about an acre of territory. On September 25, Findley issued the territorial claim that the Southern Union was the successor state to the Confederate States of America, and controlled all of its original territory, as well as the states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona. The Southern Union had no effective control of this territory, and did not change the seats in Congress to these states.