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City of Weston
Founded 5 April 2010
Residents 7
Language(s) spoken English
Area .5 Acres
Mayor Brendon Weston
Jurisdiction Weston County, Samian States, Confederation of Awesome

The city of Weston is the capitol of the Commonwealth of the Samian States, a constituent republic of the Confederation of Awesome. With its total of 7 citizens, Weston is the largest city in the Confederation. It is the center of the culture and economy of the Samian States.


Early History

Before it was a part of any micronation, it was a part of Trussville, Alabama. On April 5 of 2010, it declared independence as the Free Territory of Samia, a provisional government that would eventually become the Union of Samian City States. During the time of this provisional government, the city was the extent of Samia's control, and began expanding to several citizens and was divided into the boroughs of Tunnel Creek and Lawrence.

Union of Samian City States

On June 20, Brendon Weston and the first members of USCS Parliament signed the Declaration of Independence and the Union Constitution, making Weston the capitol of the new Union of Samian City States. On June 30th, third borough, Xantia, was added to the city. On September 1, 2010, the National Referendum for Disbanding or Preservation of Union was launched from the city, and resulted in the repatriation of many Westonian citizens to the United States, including all of the borough of Tunnel Creek which was disbanded afterwards. Five days later on September 5, the USCS became a member state of the Confederation of Awesome.

Confederation of Awesome

Since the USCS joined the Confederation, Weston became the provincial capitol of the Samian States. It was attacked during the One Month's War, resulting in the Battle of Weston, a Confederation victory. The city continued its rapid growth.

Boroughs and Features


The borough of Lawrence is the largest of the city. It is home to the majority of the attractions of the city, and has a population of four. Lawrence is home to the State Capitol building, located at 1 Kora Avenue. Adjoining the capitol is the Weston Armed Forces Base, the second largest military base in the Samian States. The other house in the borough is home to a private citizen. Other attractions in the city are the headquarters of Zopp Studios, which runs a comedy website, and is the largest private business in the Confederation, and a playground frequently used by children of the city. Near the capitol exists a small museam with two memorials- one to the Battle of Weston, and one to the independent USCS.


The southernly borough of Xantia is home to two citizens. nbsp;Xantia is known for its distinct culture rooted in Japanese customs and style. It became a part of Weston on June 30, 2010.


Weston is a part of Lawrence Province, Samian States. Its mayor is Brendon Weston.

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