Davetopia City

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City of Weston
Founded 1 January 2010
Residents 6
Language(s) spoken English
Area .75 Acres
Mayor Dave I
Jurisdiction Davetopia, Confederation of Awesome

Davetopia City is the second most populous city in the Confederation of Awesome. It is the provincial capitol of Davetopia, and, before the annexation of Province, was the national capitol. Davetopia City spans .75 acres, making it the geographically largest city in the Confederation.


Dual Monarchy

During the period of the Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri, Davetopia was the capitol of the Kingdom of Davetopia, and the Kingdom of Awesome, during the days of the Dual Monarchy. It was the dominant city of Davetopia-Emiri, given its large population. Davetopia was the meeting place for the early planning stages of the Declaration of Confederation.

Confederation of Awesome

Davetopia became the de facto capitol of the Confederation of Awesome upon the signing of the Declaration. When Province and Samia were annexed, to circumvent losing influence, Davetopia was reformed by the provincial economic restoration started by HRM Dave I. To this day, Davetopia City still has the largest economy of any city in the Confederation. During the Southern-Awesomite War, the city was never directly invaded due to its distance from the Southern Union or Sophopolis. The city has since been the site of more inter-provincial meetings than any other, and has been described as the Confederation’s First City.


The city consists of three non-contiguous properties. The main one is the home of the Davetopian Imperial Residence, which is also frequently used for the aforementioned inter-provincial meetings. The second is home to heir apparent Christopher Wilwerth. The third is used as a meeting place for all citizens of Davetopia, and is home to Davetopia Weapon Company, a business that makes wooden medieval style swords and shields for sale to private owners. This is the largest private corporation in the Confederation of Awesome.


Davetopia is the only municipality or county in Davetopia. The mayor of Davetopia is HRM Dave I.