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Nickoli is a constituent state of the Confederation of Awesome. The state was a founding member, created in the partition of Davetopia. Nickoli controls .25 acres of territory and has one citizen. The state is one of two monarchies in the Confederation, and its current leader is Nick Brown.


The territory that is now Nickoli was once inhabited by Choctow, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek Indians. This territory became settled by the British, and became a part of the United States after the American Revolution. In January 2010, it was seized by the Monarchy of Davetopia, and became known as the Duchy of Nonsense. When Davetopia and Emiri decided that the merger of their nation should be in the form of a directory, they agreed on bringing in a third state to cast a tie breaking vote. This state was created out of the Duchy of Nonesense, and the state name was originally Nonsense. Representation of this state was handed over to important local politician Nick Brown. On February 1, 2010, Nonsense changed its name to Nickoli to show its cultural independence from Davetopia.


Nickoli is one of the two Monarchies in the Confederation. Its representative leads the state for life, and upon either death or resignation chooses their sucessor. The state is considered to be largely Conservative, like its mother state of Davetopia. The current Representative of HIM Nickoli is King Nick Brown.

Geography and landmarks

Nickoli's capitol, Nonsense City, is headquarters to both the state capitol building and the Nickoli Armed Forces Base, the official military center of the Confederation. In the Economic Survey of 2010, Nickoli was assigned the resource of Military and Armory.

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