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Flag of Samia

The Samian States are a constituent state of the Confederation of Awesome. It is the largest state in the Confederation, controlling 12 citizens and 2 acres. The province is governed as a parliamentary republic. It was once an independent nation founded by Brendon Weston, that seceded from the United States of America on April 20, 2010. It joined the Confederation on September 10, 2010. The Samian States are home to several Confederation landmarks, and has a large economy.


The Samian States are located in central Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. In Alabama, the territory was originally home to Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek Indians. It was later colonized by Britain, and Florida by Spain. The territory became part of the United States of America following the Revolutionary War and the Adams–Onís Treaty. In 2010, micronationalist Brendon Weston wanted to create an independent nation, founding the Union of Samian City States. After several months of activity, and becoming an important power in the region, interest in the nation wained, and its citizens all voted in a referendum to either preserve the Union or disband. The result was a 9 yay 7 nay vote to disband the nation. The citizens who voted to preserve agreed to petition to join the Confederation of Awesome. Their request was accepted and they joined as the fourth constituent state, lead by Brendon Weston. This represented a large territorial gain for the Confederation.


The Samian States are governed as a parliamentary republic, lead by a Prime Minister, currently, Brendon Weston. This Prime Minister is the leader of the party who controls the most seats in Parliament. Parliament has three seats, with one representative from each County. The Prime Minister serves a four-year term, unless voted out of office by a motion of no-confidence. To ensure government stability, a Prime Minister cannot receive a Vote of Non-Confidence until a year after their election. The current political parties are the centre-left Liberal Party, which holds a majority in Parliament, and the Marijuana Party, lead by Jess Stroud, that forms the Official Opposition. A Provincial Court makes up the Judicial Branch. The current Provincial Justice is Somto Ozuligbo. The next Prime Minister will take power in August 2014. There is no limit for the number of times a Prime Minister can be re-elected.


Administrative Divisions

Alabaster County

Alabaster County spans .5 acres. Its capitol is the city of Alabaster, and it's current Member of Parliament is Loriahna Brundege. Alabaster County is also home to the city of Montevallo, and the unpopulated Cheyenne National Park. 

Lawrence County

Lawrence County is the most populous county of the Samian States, with seven citizens. It is home to the city of Weston, the capitol of the Samian States and the heart of Samian culture. Its current Members of Parliament are Brendon Weston and Aaron Ellard.

Panama City County

Panama City County exists in the panhandle of the US State of Florida. It's capitol is Panama City, and it's current Member of Parliament is Justice Stroud. It controls .5 acres of land, .25 of which are coastal, and receives quite a bit of tourism.

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