Emilee Richards

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  Emilee Richards
Representative of Emiri
 Representative of Emiri to Confederation Congress
  Assumed Office
5 May 2010
Congress  1st and 2nd Congress of the Confederation of Awesome
Apparent Sucessor: None
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeeded by: Incumbent
 Queen of Emiri
Assumed office:
1 January 2010
Co-Monarch HRM Dave I
Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: Office Disestablished
Personal information
 Born:  1995/1996 (age 25–26)
Residence: Emiri, Confederation of Awesome
Religion:  Agnostism

Emilee Richards is the current Emirite Representative to Confederation Congress. She was one of the two monarchs of the now disestablished Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri, which became the Confederation of Awesome. During the establishment of the Confederation, Richards lead the transition of her province from a monarchical government to an anarchist one.


Dual Monarchy

Emilee Richards had always been very individualistic and critical of the United States. She attended high school with Dave Gomez, and the two began to consider creating a micronation together. On January 1, 2010, the Dual Monarchy of Davetopia and Emiri declared independence from the United States. Emilee reigned alongside Dave I as a dual monarch, and soon began expressing a desire to tighten the bonds between their two kingdoms and reform their loose union into a more effective government. After several constitution meetings, Emilee penned the first Treatise of the Declaration of Confederation, which is considered today to be one of the most important documents in the history of the Confederation.

Provincial Reform

During the period of transition from the Dual Monarchy to the Confederation, Emilee began eliminating monarchism in her kingdom, creating several acts stripping governmental power to take effect upon the establishment of the Confederation. Once these acts were passed, Richards symbolically abdicated the throne on the same date as the signing of the Declaration, turning her land from a kingdom to a largely anarchist constituent Province of the Confederation.

Southern-Awesomite War

During the heightening tensions between the Southern Union, Sophopolis and the Confederation, Richards was the Executive Councilor largely in favour of peace. Once the Southern Union actually declared war on the Confederation, she was a part of the unanimous vote to go to war. Richards personally served in the military and saw action during the Southern attack on Province, assisting in the use of intimidation tactics to drive away the invaders.

Post-War Activities

Following the war, Richards has helped pass several important pieces of legislation, namely the new Constitution, and the bill creating a national currency. During the period of tensions between the original provinces and Samia, Richards helped block several votes for partion of the state.

Political Views and Successor

Richards is very liberal, being in favor of both gay rights and the legalization of marijuana. She is also largely isolationist when it comes to foreign policy, seeking to both stop wars and foreign entanglements with other nations. She has yet to name a successor to her representativeship, and has stated "My province is anarchist, so I don't have power other than my vote anyway. I'll give up my seat when someone who would be a better leader than me reveals themselves."

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