Cabinet of the Confederation of Awesome

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The Cabinet of the Confederation of Awesome consists of the most senior appointed officers of the confederal government of the Confederation of Awesome. It's existence is specified by the Constitution, and it exists to assist Confederation Congress. Cabinet officials can be nominated by any member of Congress, and are compiled, voted on, and become official with a simple majority. Cabinet members serve 2 year terms and there is no limit on how often each can be re-elected.

Constitutional Basis

The Cabinet is set up in Article III of the Constitution. This article defined all the current Departments, as well as created the position of Cabinet Head, who meets with the Confederation Congress for all sessions, and defined that a new set of Cabinet members would be chosen by the Congress every 2 years, with no defined term limits. It is stated that a Confederation Congressmen may serve as a Cabinet member, but can make up only half of the Cabinet.

Current Cabinet and Descriptions

Department of Culture and the Interior

The Deparment of Culture and the Interior has two roles- it seeks to categorize and save the distinct culture of the Confederation of Awesome, and to maintian it's infrastructure. The current Secretary of Culture and the Interior is Xan Pete, who also serves as Cabinet Head.

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense is, as defined in the Constitution, will "maintain and head the military." The Secretary of Defense organizes the military, has a seat on the War Council, and heads both branches of the military. The current Secretary of Defense is Brantley Evanson.

Deparment of Treasury

The role of the Depatment of Treasury is to create the money bills of the Confederation of Awesome, as well as to maintain and regulate the economy of the nation. The current Secretary of Treasury is Aaron Ellmard.

Department of State

The role of the Deparment of State is to regulate the foreign relations of the Confederation of Awesome. The Secretary of State regulates all alliances and treaties that the nation is a part of. The current Secretary of State is Brendon Weston.