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The Kingdom of Davetopia is a member state of the Confederation of Awesome. It was one of the original three states in the nation. The state is governed as an absolutist monarchy. The current Leader of the state is King Dave I. The Kingdom of Davetopia consists of 6 citizens. Its capitol is Davetopia City.


Alabama was originally settled by Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek indians. It was colonized by the British, before becoming a part of the United States' following the Revolutionary War. Alabama eventually became its own state. In January 2010, the Monarchy of Davetopia and Nonsense was declared independent from the United States, ran by micronationalist Dave Gomez. Looking to expand, he joined with Emilee Richards, Queen of Emiri and aspiring micronationalist Nick Brown to draft a Constitution for a Confederation ruled by the three of them. Although he originally owned Nonsense, it was given to Nick Brown who did not have his own territory at the time. Davetopia was admitted along with Nonsense and Emiri, on March 5, 2010. Although the three states started on roughly equal footing, Davetopia quickly went through a period of expansion in which it rose to become the largest in the Confederation before the joining of the Samian States.

Geography and Landmarks

The Kingdom of Davetopia was first measured in the Land Survey of 2010 conducted by Brendon Weston, in which it was determined that it controlled .75 acre of land.  In the Economic Survey of 2010, designed to assign a resource to each state, Davetopia’s was chosen as the fine arts.


Davetopia is ruled by an absolutist monarch that serves for life, and then before death chooses his sucessor. It is considered to be the least democratic of the states, and is politically the most conservative.

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