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Flag of Emiri, the Anarchist Black Flag

The Free Territory of Emiri is a constituent state of the Confederation of Awesome. The state was a founding member, and the only member republic to not have territorial changes upon entering the Confederation. The state has 5 citizens and a total of 2 acres of territory. The state is nominally anarchist, and its representative is Emilee Richards.


The territory that is now Emiri was once inhabited by Choctow, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek Indians. This territory became settled by the British, and became a part of the United States after the American Revolution. In January 2010, Emilee Richards declared Emiri an independent Monarchy. The state was a founding member of the Confederation of Awesome, and began a period of expansion during this time. As more people began entering the state, an absolutist monarchy seemed less and less practical, and as a result Queen Emilee I stepped down on November 1st 2011, declaring Emiri an anarchist state.


The government of Emiri is nomially anarchist. The state has no laws separate from that of the Confederation. It has no official flag, constitution, administrative divisions or any type of police. Emilee Richards is the leader, however, she is merely a respected community member and exerts no power in the state besides her vote in Council. The state is considered to be politcally more Liberal than Davetopia or Nickoli. Currently, it is unknown who will succed Emilee Richards, and the state has no laws of any type naming a sucessor.

Geography and Landmarks

Emiri is bordered to the south by the Samian States, to the north and east by the United States of America, and to the west by Davetopia. Emiri was originally measured in the Land Survey of 2010, conducted by Brendon Weston. It was determined the state controlled 2 acres of land and 5 citizens, making it the second smallest in terms of area and the second largest in terms of population. The Economic Survey of 2010 determined that Emiri's key resource was Agriculture.

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