Monarchy of Sophopolis

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Monarchy of Sophopolis 
1 May 2010 - 10 November 2010
Capital Sophopolis City
Language English
Demonym Sophopolian
Government Parliamentary Monarcy
Queen  HIH Sophia I
Historical era Modern era
–Foundation of the Monarchy of Sophopolis 1 May 2010
Preceeded by None
Succeeded by (Post-May 2011) Confederation of Awesome

The Monarchy of Sophopolis was a parliamentary monarchy that existed in the Trussville Sector from 1 May 2010 to 10 November 2010.


The Monarchy of Sophopolis was founded by HIH Queen Sophia I and the residents of two adjoining households in the city of Trussville, Alabama, declaring themselves an independent monarchy. On 10 June, the nation added two new states after signing a Treaty of Annexation with the owners of both pieces of property. One household, which became Addania, was non-contiguous with the other two, but less than a half a mile away, and the other, Jessia, was located far south, in the city of Montevallo, and bordered the Empire of Jake.

On July 1, Parliament voted a measure of non-confidence in the government under Prime Minister Smith, resulting in the election of Prime Minister Bonnie Jamerson. September saw Sophopolis again entering conflict what was now the Confederation of Awesome, and many political troubles in the nation, with Hazel Smith forming the Anti-Monarchist Party whose goal was to depose the Queen. On October 7, Sophopolis declared war on the Confederation of Awesome, siding with the Allies in the Southern-Awesomite War. The Sophopolian Army, lead by noted Anti-Monarchist Conner Johnson, attacked Weston, but the battle broke into civil conflict, with Anti-Monarchists firing on pro-Government forces. The result was Confederation and rebel forces capturing Sophopolis City again, where democracy was declared. The short-lived Republic of Sophopolis lasted only until the end of the war, and its first action was to sign an armistice with Coalition forces. After the Republic signed the Treaty of Weston 2010, Sophopolis City and Jessia were annexed into the Confederation of Awesome. Despite its capital currently being a part of the Samian States, the Confederation of Awesome issues no claim on the states of Addania or Jamersonia, which means that Sophopolis could legally declare independence again.


For almost all of its existence, Sophopolis was ruled by HIH Queen Sophia, and a Prime Minster elected by a Parliament of one representative from each state. The Prime Minister suggested anything to be voted on by Parliament, which, if it was agreed to in a simple majority, would go before the Queen, whose final yay or nay would decide whether or not it would pass into law. For the final day of its existence, it was run solely by the elected Prime Minister.

Administrative Divisions

Sophopolis was divided into three states for the majority of its existence. Each of these states had an elected Member of Parliament who also served as the governor of that state. The original founding states were Sophopolis City and Jamersonia, until the Treaty of Annexation which brought in Addania and Jessia.