People's Republic of Skendal

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People's Republic of Skendal
Motto: Long Live Skendal!
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Skendalian, West Kozuc
• Chancellor
Everett Millet
• President
Kyle Groban
CurrencySkendalian Check

The People's Republic of Skendal also known informally as West Kozuc is a micronation located in California. It borders the St.Charlian Federation of Kozuc, and the Empire of Frexico.


Anarchy Era

The Anarchy Era was the time period before any government in Skendal was established. Everett Millet found out about micronationalism from his friend, Austin Adridge, and established Skendal as an at-home project. At this time Skendal had two members and was not yet known by the outside world. Soon, it made its only broadcast onto Youtube. Skendal was officially declared on May 21, 2010. During the period Riley Small and Everett Millet had no real contact.

Oligarchy Era

The Oligarchy Era came after about six month of Skendal being founded. During this time Skendal had gone partially inactive. An Oligarchy was set up with the two founders, and they ruled as the oligarchs with some other citizens as advisors. This period was not very important in the history of Skendal, and the government soon collapsed.

Dictatorship and Kozuc Influence Era

The dictatorship Era was one of the most important time periods in all of Skendal's history. In this Era a complete dictatorship was established with Everett Millet as the autocratic leader. During this period Everett was told of MicroWiki by Riley Small and the true birth of Skendal began. It was also during this time that a new flag was used and all of the national symbols were replaced.

Pre-Democracy and Diplomacy Era

In this Era many micronations came to know Skendal, and Everett Millet joined the forums to got to know some more members of the community. It was during this era that four more members joined the nation, an soon they established a democracy. Skendal became an Athens style democracy with the four new members as the ministers and Everett as the Prime Minister. The most iconic establishment of this era was the founding of the Armed Forces in Skendal. Many military training sessions were conducted near the house of Riley Small.

Democracy and Diplomacy Era

This Dra began on the first day of school for Everett Millet and all of his citizens. Soon after the start of this Era the population grew from eight citizens to eightteen. During this Era much more organization and a more stable government was put in place. The court system was established and two large court trials were conducted. Also during this era Skendal became widely known and diplomacy with them became rapidly available.

Two Kozuc Era

In this Era, an independent Kozuc was formed after Riley Small liberation of St.Charlie. Shortly after Kozuc became independent Riley convinced Everett to become West Kozuc and East Kozuc to model West and East Germany. In this Era Skendal set of a Communist economy and became more focused on establishing a stable economy.

Kozuc Era

This Era started after the famed Operation Jdub in which Everett Millet and three military personnel were held captive by the Kozuc Armed Forces. In this operation Skendal became a part of Kozuc. Not long after this event Skendal became in a state of near totally inactivity. During this period Skendal was a part of Kozuc completely.

Liberation and Major Reforms Era: Golden Age

It was in this Era that due to lack of activity in Skendal their people decided to liberate and take back its land. Millet and a some of the citizens revolted together as seen in a historic video, taking back their land in a nearby park. Along with the physical liberation, Skendal also sent a lengthy letter to Riley Small to assure he new the details and conditions of the liberation. After the liberation Skendal had many reforms. Inlcluding a new democratic government created by Everett Millet. The new government compose's of two branches and is split into districts.


The national flag of Skendal is an inverted version of the flag of Gabon which was chosen because it was easy to produce and had the same colours of the previous flag. The green is representative of vegetation, the yellow is symbolic for sunlight while the blue represents the sky and ocean. The three colours of the flag represent vital body parts - the limbs for helping, the heart for loving and the brain for thinking. The coat of arms of Skendal was designed by Everette Millet but currently remains on paper.

National symbols
Animal Dog
Insect Spit bug
Sport American Football
Bird Western Seagull
Tree Cyprus tree
Fish Beta or Chinese fighting fish
Grass Crab grass
Gemstone Jade


The most celebrated holiday is Independence Day on May 28 but more holidays are being planned, including Harvest Day when the carrots of the national garden are picked and eaten. Spaghetti is a wide favourite among citizens in Skendal and is the national food. Carrots are the national vegetable, mangos are the national fruit and apple juice is the beverage of Skendal, usually called the "Sweet Nectar of Skendal".

The favorite music among citizens is dubstep. Dubstep is a type of techno music which includes bass drops and intense noises. The favorite game among citizens is minecraft and the favorite food is pizza. It is a ritual for members of the Skendal Military to be repedetly shot point blank with an airsoft gun. A video of the ritual can be found here:


Skendal is in the process of creating a YouTube channel for news and messages that the Prime Minister needs to get out to the people. Videos of Skendal military training and the signing of the constitution can be found on the IMPR youtube channel.