Empire of Frexico

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Empire of Frexico
Official languagesEnglish, French, and Spanish.
GovernmentImperial Monarchy
• Emperor
Christopher Housel
• Prime Minister
Richard Alves
EstablishmentJune 30, 2012
• Census

The Empire of Frexico also known as New Phrexia, was a micronation located in the Monterey on the american state of California. It was founded by Christopher Housel on June 30, 2012 and joined the Eastern Pacific Micronational Alliance on the 2nd of July that same year. The Empire, at its peak, had 9 citizens. The Emperor and founder, Christopher Housel and the former Prime Minister, Richard Alves, ran the nation as the heads of state and government respectively.


The name Frexico is a portmanteau of the country names France and Mexico.


Frexico was founded on June 30, 2012 by Christopher Housel, who became its first emperor. From very early in its history, the Empire was dominated by its army. On August 27, Frexico invaded the St. Charlian territory of White Mountain, claiming that it had earlier roots in the territory than Kozuc, then a federation of St. Charlie, did. On 1 September, the occupied area was retaken by Kozuc forces.

Foreign Affairs

Being located in the same area as two other micronations, Skendal and Kozuc, Frexico is highly involved with both. It is a co-founding state of the Eastern Pacific Micronational Alliance. Frexico also does not recognize the independence of Kosovo and recognizes it as a part of serbia. Frexico does however, recognize the independence of the Nagorno-Karabakh republic.


About half of Frexico's population is part of the military, the military uses airsoft guns. The imperial arsenal consists of these (airsoft) weapons: 2x AK74's 1x G3-A3 2x M4-A1's 1x MAC11 1x Glock Pistol 1x Ruger pistol. Some individual citizens of the empire have their own Airsoft weapons for their own defense and for the army.