Order of the Revolution

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Order of the Revolution
Type Honorary order with two degrees
Awarded for Outstanding service to Kozuc or the micronational community as a whole.
Status Currently awarded
Created 2011
Degrees Guide to the Revolution
Protector of the Revolution
Total 6
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) None

The Order of the Revolution is the highest and only award to be given by the state of Kozuc. Generally a military title, it can also be used for prestigious work in politics or other roles in the nation.

Officially formed in 2011, there have been very few people granted the award. There are two different grades; The Guides to the Revolution, who are considered the founding members of the micronation, and the Protectors of the Revolution, who have been significant members throughout many eras of the History of Kozuc.

Guides to the Revolution

The honor of being granted "Guide to the Revolution" is only for the two founders of the micronation. Along with the award itself, a secondary title is added to denote their roles in the creation of the state. "Destroyer of Nations" has been added to Riley Small's title, as he unified many of the local people during the formation of the United Provinces Under Chance. The title of "First Commander" was added to Chance Anderson's title as he was the first leader of the Kozuc Armed Forces.

Protector of the Revolution

This honor is given by one of the two Guardians at any time for their outstanding service in the micronational community or within Kozuc itself. Those currently awarded include:

  • Emmett Small, Protector of the Revolution
  • Dylan Knox, Protector of the Revolution
  • Rutger Sperry, Protector of the Revolution
  • Logan Weber, Protector of the Revolution