President of Kozuc

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President of Kozuc
His Excellency
Riley Small

Formation June 1, 2010 (Official)

Term length 5 Years [1]

Appointed by Popular election

Inaugural holder Chance Anderson

The President of Kozuc was a post throughout history that has been both head of state and head of government of the Kozuc. According to the many different constitutions, the President has had more of a ceremonial, symbolic role, or sometimes even supreme control. Throughout the History of Kozuc, the President has always been the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Now, the office is comparable to the Emperor of Kozuc, ever since the nation's transition to a monarchy.

In its most recent design, the office of the President was supposed to be mandated by the Constitution of Kozuc, however with the support of the military, the last President Riley Small disestablished the government. He served as Chairman of the Revolutionary Council during this time. As the head of state, the President served many roles both in and outside of nation. During the period in which Kozuc was a part of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie, the office was the gubernatorial executive and representative to their parliament.

Mandate and Appointment

The President of Kozuc was popularly elected for the first time when it entered the Federal Republic of St.Charlie, and done so by all subsequent systems. Prior to its entry to the Commonwealth, the office held nearly absolute power. After the Transitional Authority of Kozuc As a totalitarian position, the President could appoint his successor, but in cases where it was a democratic post, popular election decided the next in office. The mandate could end by the following:

  • Natural term expiration;
  • Voluntary resignation;
  • Death;
  • Permanent inability, due to serious illness

List of Presidents

Photo Name Term Begin Term End Home city Political ideology
1 Chance Anderson Feduary 1st, 2010 November 1, 2010 San Chance National
2 Liam Barnard November 1, 2010 January 15, 2011 [2] Tubania National [3]
3 Riley Small Austust 17th, 2011 [4] April 15, 2012 San Chance Green
(2) Liam Barnard April 15, 2012 June 22, 2012 Tubania Green
4 Brian Kearney June 29, 2012 July 19, 2012 San Chance Independent [5]
5 Acting - Alexander Cossey [6] July 20, 2012 Liam Barnard San Chance National
(2) Liam Barnard July 20, 2012 April 20, 2013 San Chance National
6 Acting - Rutger Sperry November 2, 2013 Kozuc disbanded Tubania National
(3) [7][8] Riley Small July 1, 2015 Transition to Empire San Chance National

* Any lapses in time between Presidents indicates another form of government ruled over Kozuc

Notes and references

  1. Formerly 9 months
  2. Kozuc disestablished.
  3. Later considered to be a socialist.
  4. Kozuc refounded by Riley Small.
  5. Formed the St.Charlian People's Coalition, a communist group.
  6. Acting after abrupt resignation of both the President and Vice President.
  7. Last President of the Republic
  8. President Small installed a military dictatorship known as the Revolutionary Council of Kozuc.