St.Charlie Green Party

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St.Charlie Green Party
LeaderRiley Small OBS (Secretary General)
FoundedApril 14, 2012
DissolvedJuly 2, 2012
HeadquartersPacific Grove, California
IdeologySocial democracy
Green economics
Former seats in Parliament
1 / 11

The St.Charlie Green Party was a minor party in the Federal Republic of St.Charlie that adhered to the policies of social democracy and green economics. The party held one seat in the St.Charlian Parliament and was the first to break the dominance of the National Party and the Socialist Party. The party was mainly based in their region due to its being founded by members of the Kozuc government when they entered the republic, but saw some growth (albeit slow) as a result of their agenda to bring back activity to St.Charlie and strengthening the Commonwealth. The party promoted removing bureaucracy and inactivity from the government, and the enhancing ties to the intermicronational community. The main goal was "to bring back the golden age", as stated by the Secretary General.

The party merged with the Socialist Party on July 2, 2012.