Connor Eagle

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Connor Eagle
Photo of his youth
President of Atlantis
Installed in office:
20 January 2000
Political Party: Social Democratic Party
Predecessor Office established
Successor James Lawrence
Personal information
Born 11 April 1988 (1988-04-11) (age 36)
Religion Protestant

Connor Eagle is an Atlantis politician and the 1° President of the Republic of Atlantis. He born at Inverness the 11 April 1988. He was appointed president at only twelve years old. He never been very active in Atlantis, but he always loved the nation that he always defended. He's a friend of King Seth I of Atlantis and with his diplomatic cleverness convinced him to change the government from a Parliamentary Monarchy to a Republic.

Preceded by: President of Atlantis Succeded by:
Office established 20 January 2000 - 20 January 2004 James Lawrence