St.Charlian general election, 2013

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St.Charlian general election, 2013
← 2012 6 January 2013 2014 →
Candidate Petya d'Égtavie Alex Specter
Party National Party of St.Charlie St.Charlian Socialist Party
Home state Egtavia Atlantis
Running mate Samuel Azehtyla Nicolò Alvisi
States carried 2 4
Popular vote 40 59
Percentage 40.1% 59.9%

General Elections' official logo.

Prime Minister before election

Alexander Reinhardt
National Party of St.Charlie

Elected Prime Minister

Alex Specter
St.Charlian Socialist Party

The St.Charlian General Elections of 2013 (Italian: Elezioni Generali St.Charliane del 2013) also known as Decision 2013, scheduled to be held on 6 January 2013, was the most recent St.Charlian federal and parliamentary election, and was held during the month of December 2012 with Sunday, January 6, 2013 as the official "Election Day", where the results were published. It was the fourth annual general election in which citizens have elected the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of St.Charlie, together with their local Governors and representatives at the General Assembly.

In October 2012, the incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt decided not to run for a second term and resigned as leader of the National Party of St.Charlie after 4 years of leadership. He was succeded by Petya d'Egtavie from Egtavia, who was also confirmed as the main candidate. On the other hand, the St.Charlian Socialist Party, following its second annual Party Congress, became the New Socialist Party, and chose Alex Specter as main candidate.

The elections ended with the victory of Specter and his running mate, Nicolò Alvisi -already Prime Minister in 2011- as the political party with the highest number of votes. The National Party, albeit receiving less votes, secured a higher number of seats in the Federal elections than the left-wing. A total of 99 people voted in this election, making it the largest election in St.Charlian history.


New Socialist Party

On September 24, following the party's National Congress, the second in the history of the St.Charlian socialists which took place in June 2012, Nicolò Alvisi announced the nomination of Alex Specter for Prime Minister of St.Charlie in a message on the virtual office of the party. Eastwood, originally from Atlantis became one of the most active members of the party in the months prior to the elections.

On December 15, the NSP announced that Nicolò Alvisi would have been Eastwood's running mate.

In the federal elections, Filippo Lanzarini, the main candidate of the previous elections, decided to run for Governor of Tor Pendente after the NSP's decision not to support Elizabeth Evans. Leonard Von Sternberg was confirmed as candidate for a third consecutive term in Caroline Charlotte, while Flavio Beninati was chosen as Eastwood's successor for governorship in Atlantis. Although Marco Bluttemberg stated his intention to merge his electoral college with Atlantis, he still confirmed his candidacy in New Allerød.

National Party

National Congress

Incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt confirmed on September 27 that he would not be seeking re-election in the 2013 elections and would be stepping down as the National leader,[1] which eventually took place on October 15, at the end of the First Congress of the NPSC. This was the first election in St.Charlian history where Reinhardt did not participate.

The Congress was opened on October 8 and saw the candidacy of Petya d'Egtavie, Sam Azehtyla and Riley Small for the title of Secretary. Small, who was one of the favoured candidates, later withdrew on October 13 due to personal reasons. This eventually led to the victory of D'Egtavie, who nominated Azehtyla as his running mate and Vice-Secretary.


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