St.Charlie Federal Police

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St.Charlie Federal Police
SCPD District patch.png
District Police patch
Founded April 29, 2009
Headquarters District, St.Charlie
General nature Law enforcement
Local civilian police
Chief of Staff Abolished
Commissioner Abolished
Metropolitan Police Department
Sheriff's Department
General information
Jurisdiction Home Affairs Ministry
Standard weapon Beretta 92 (Semi-Automatic)

The St.Charlie Federal Police (Italian: Polizia Federale St.Charliana) was the national civilian police force of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. On October 18, the SCAF Reform Act, jointly presented by Heinrich Schneider and Leonard von Sternberg, abolished the Federal Police and merged the personnel into the now part-civilian SCAF. It was responsible for enforcing criminal and traffic law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order, patrolling customs (together with the Dept. of Border Security) and peacekeeping throughout St.Charlie. The organization comes under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Federal Police has had a troubled past and changed name and role numerous times. In April 2009, the St. Charlie Military Police was created with duties of peacekeeping within St. Charlie as well as regulating the conduct of the St.Charlie Armed Forces. From its creation, it was a sub-section of the SCAF and thus under control of the Ministry of Defense. On 20 January 2010 the "Von Sternberg Reform" was approved; the SCMP was relegated to a role purely regarding the SCAF and its civil authorities were passed to the newly instituted St. Charlie Police Department. On 17 April 2010, following the "Schneider Reform", the SCPD was officially renamed "St. Charlie Federal Police" and passed from the Ministry of Defense to that of Home Affairs.

The Schneider Reform has left some gaps in the administrative levels of the Federal Police, which were to an extent solved by nominating Schneider himself to the role of Commissioner. The role of Chief of Staff as well as the headquarters location are still uncertain and will probably be addressed in a later bill.


The Federal Police is divided into two main sections; the first tasked with policing highly-populated areas and the second concerned with rural, small, or low-populated regions:


The Federal Police's duties include:

  • Maintaining and restoring law and order:
    • Crowd control
    • Policing
    • Counter-terrorism activities
  • Pursuing and apprehending fugitives
  • Security of sensitive and vital installations, such as:
    • Public institutions, ministries and courts
    • Embassies and consulates

Divisione per le Operazioni di Sicurezza Interna

The Internal Security Operations Division is a section of the Police Department specialized in investigating sensitive cases relating to organized crime and serious offenses such as extortion. Its main tasks are the monitoring of any political and criminal activity on St.Charlian territory (e.g. anti-constitutional demonstrations and events) and political investigations. Therefore, agents of this department, strictly in plain clothing, are present at any political public event where the national security of St.Charlie may be harmed. More recently, after the Schneider Reform, they have also taken on a counter-terrorism role to fill the void left by the decommissioning of the MIB.


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