Christian Guariberti

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Christian Guariberti
At a public ceremony, July 2011
5th Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff
In office
January 1, 2011 - May 23, 2014
President Lisa Cassidy
James Lunam
Alexander Reinhardt
Predecessor Leonard Von Sternberg
Successor Flavio Beninati
Personal information
Born 1992
Bologna, Italy
Citizenship St.Charlian
Nationality Italian
Residence Tor Pendente, St.Charlie
Religion Atheist

Christian Guariberti (born 1992) is a St.Charlie Armed Forces general and the 5th and current Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Guariberti most recently served as commanding officer of the Tor Pendente National Guard from September to December 2010. Prior to that, he studied at the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy, where he graduated with full honours. General Guariberti is the first Tor Pendentian military officer to command the St.Charlian military. He assumed his current assignment on January 1, 2011, succeding then-Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg.

Prior to his appointment as Chairman of the Joint Commanders of Staff, he served as military advisor to both Admiral General Von Sternberg and occasionally, President Lisa Cassidy.

Early life

Guariberti was born and raised in northern Italy, next to Bologna. Micronationally speaking, he joined Tor Pendente in late 2009 and subsequently entlisted for the St.Charlian Army, where his initial tours took him to the Ministry of War Information as survey officer. He then attended the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy, where he graduated in August 2010 with full honours.

Career history

Following the military academy, he was nominated aide-de-camp to the Army garrison in Tor Pendente in August 2010, which then became the "unofficial" Tor Pendente National Guard.

Guariberti went on to oversee the federal security divisions. His significant staff duties included the Governatorial Palace Honor Guard, the security committee to the Tor Pendente Local Assembly, and the Tor Pendente division at the Ministry of War Information. On September, he was nominated commanding officer of the National Guard by then-Governor Elizabeth Evans.

At the same time, he became an advisor to the Joint Commanders of Staff, helping Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg and President Lisa Cassidy for homeland security matters. In December 2010, at the height of the General Elections of 2011 which would have seen Von Sternberg as a possible Socialist candidate for the Federation of Caroline Charlotte, Guariberti was nominated to be Chief of Staff. He has been confirmed to take over from Admiral General Von Sternberg on January 1, 2011.

Awards and decorations

Awarded in the name of the Ministry of Defense and the St.Charlian Parliament for meritorious achievement and outstanding service and leadership in the performance of your duties in the St.Charlie Armed Forces.(Department of Defense/St.Charlian Parliament)

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Military offices
Preceded by
Leonard Von Sternberg
Chief of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces
1 January 2011 - Present
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