Caroline Charlotte Military Academy

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Caroline Charlotte Military Academy
Accademia Militare di Caroline Charlotte
SCAF magnum.png
Emblem of the CCMA
Motto:: Loyalty, effort, honor
Established 2nd April 2010
Type Military Academy
Students graduated 2
Minister of Defense Gen. Christian Guariberti
General information
Location Caroline Charlotte, St.Charlie
Colors      Green

The Caroline Charlotte Military Academy - C.C.M.A. (Italian: Accademia Militare di Caroline Charlotte - A.M.C.C.) was established on April 2 2010 by the St.Charlian Minister of Defense Leonard Von Sternberg OBS to enable St. Charlian and foreign troops to undergo basic military training and to achieve an advanced degree of understanding of military tactics. It is located in the Federation of Caroline Charlotte.

Entrance is open to everyone with no distinction of micro or macro nationality, gender and employment (the academy is not exclusive to soldiers). The minimum age to join is 12 years. To graduate from the academy, an applicant must pass two exams: the theoretical exam and the practical exam. The academy is completely free, and the only charge is for a diplom on precious paper and a graduation ribbon, should the graduate wish to acquire them.

Theoretical Exam

Four documentaries, each discussing an important military campaign and battle, (Waterloo, D-Day, the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Berlin) are available on the academy's site to study and take notes on. The exam will be based on all four videos.

Once the applicant feels ready, s/he is to request the exam via the academy's contact feature. As soon as the exam is received, the applicant has only 3 days (72h) to complete it. If the Academy doesn't receive the exam sheet before the deadline, the exam will become harder. The exam is made up of 19 questions and to achieve the diploma, a minimum 16 questions must be answered correctly. 100% correctness will be rewarded with an honours degree while 18/19 with distinction. It is possible to sit two reatkes.

If anyone don't want to do the Practical exam, you can just stop at the Theoretical Exam, by recieving the Normal Graduation (if you want you can buy the Normal graduation ribbon and/or the diplom), only if all questions in the Theoretical exam was correct (19/19). By stopping here you can't receive an higher graduation rank as the Normal graduation. You will be written on the Graduates Page on the site.

Practical Exam

After successfully passing the Theoretical Exam, applicants are given time to prepare for the "Practical exam". This is held either on America's Army 3 or Call of Duty 4, for more information, please look at "Part IV" of the How to Apply guide on the site.


Graduation will be an officialized via email and the neo-graduates will be furnished with additional information regarding their degree in "Advanced Military Tactics & Leadership". The graduate's name will also be written on the "Graduates" page.

If a graduate wants to receive a paper diplom and an academy ribbon, it can be bought (plus shipping costs) from the "Academy Shop".