Green-Socialist Party (Mercia)

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Green-Socialist Party
of Mercia
FounderComrade Palatine-Viceroy von Uberquie
Founded21st of May, 2016
State Socialism
Social Ownership
Political positionFar Left

The Green-Socialist party is a political party active in Mercia which formed on the 21st of May, 2016 at the height of the government crisis, formed by the newly elected Comrade Baron von Uberquie with newly registered citizen Comrade Albina. The party advocates a mixture of both State and Worker Socialism - in which important essentials such as Health and Environmental regulation, are provided by a State Socialist Government while Worker Self-Management in industry provides the pillar of the economy.

Government Party

On the 29th of May, 2016, Baron von Uberquie successfully motioned a Vote of No Confidence against the incumbent NLP First Minister, Earl Eden. The resignation of Eden prompted the nomination of good friend and People's Democratic Party Leader Baron Whyatt, who von Uberquie had unsucessfully competed against in a coalition leadership contest, to be First Minister. As a result, after a 6-5 Parliamentary Victory, Baron Whyatt appointed von Uberquie as the Minister for Culture, Sport and Media Relations which gave the Green-Socialist Party it's first cabinet position just days after it's creation.

Now Palatine von Uberquie, the Green Socialist Party became involved further in the Government by August 13 during his promotion to Deputy First Minister after the Green-Socialist Party endorsed Baron NG in that month's by-election, instead of it's own candidate Baroness Albina to further secure a PDP majority and retain the current government. After Baron NG failed to make good on a promise of activity, the party began to denounce the PDP government and it's failings which eventually lead to a motion of no confidence, the second in Mercian history also to be tabled by von Uberquie, which lead to the forced resignation of Baron Whyatt on the 1st of September.

After a short 4 day nomination process, the GSP formed a government with the NLP and the United Future Party (a party formed by former PDP members) after von Uberquie's election as First Minister.

Opposition Party

The Green-Socialist Party expanded it's membership and gained an extra seat in the November 2016 General Election. After the renoucning of citizenship of two of it's members, the party officially dissolved on the 27th of October, 2016. On 29 March 2017, the Party came back with two original members, leader Comrade Palatine-Viceroy von Uberquie and Comrade Baron Neasa.