People's Republic of Noland

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People's Republic Of Noland
República Popular de Noland (Spanish)
Lina's Republika Nolandara (Nolandic)
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Who in god is our trust?"
Anthem: "The Star Spangled Banner" (Nolandian Version)
CapitalNeuvo San Luis
Largest cityNew Derry
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesGorthik
Recognised regional languagesGerman
GovernmentPresidential Socialist Republic
• President
Maine II
LegislaturePeople’s Congress
• Declared
1 July 2020
• Constitution Ratified
April 19th 2023
• Dissolved
October 1st, 2023
• Re-Establishment
October 4th, 2023
• Dissolved
November 7, 2023
• 2023 estimate
HDI (2023) 0.105
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
Nolandian Peso (NP)
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideright
Calling code832
Internet TLD.prn (Proposed)
Today part ofSecond Kingdom of Noland

Noland, officially People's Republic of Noland, (PRN) was a micronation located within North America, specifically New Caney, Texas, United States. The micronation was founded by Maine I on 1 July 2020 and was re-established on October 3rd, 2023 after 2 days of being de-established. It currently consists of 3 districts. It is mostly located within the Houston Sector of the Texan Sector. Although it has territories all around the world. It was replaced by the Second Empire of Noland.


Early days (2020-mid 2021)

Noland was formed on July 1st 2023. Originally called the Empire of Noland, It was widely disorganized and described as "A giant mess" by Maine. Most citizens had zero idea they were even citizens of Noland. Noland had a account on the platform known as TikTok where it first interacted with other micronations. From here most of it is pretty hazy due to rarely any documentation besides the TikTok account that Maine later lost access to.

The First Nolandian Troubles and the rise of Noland (Mid 2021-2022)

The First Nolandian Troubles

In August of 2021, multiple members from the National Socialist Worker's Party of Noland (NSWPN) had launched a rebellion to end the monarchy and replace it with a fascist republic. The Royal Nolandian Army and the NSWPN were poorly funded and had limited resources, most of the Royal Nolandian Army at the time consisted of 7-13 year olds armed with Nerf guns and the NSWPN consisted of 10-15 year olds with access to more advanced weaponry compared to the Royal Nolandian Army such as slingshots and a extremely unreliable, yet working tennis ball launcher. Surprisingly, the Royal Nolandian army managed to overtake NSWPN forces bringing the conflict to a close and the NSWPN retreating into a underground movement.

Expansion (December - February 2022)

Noland expanded for the 1st time on December 2nd 2021, establishing a new territory in Mexico. This was later followed on February 2023, in which Nolandian Maine was founded.

Diplomacy, War and The Second Nolandian Troubles (2022)

Diplomatic Expansion

During 2022, Noland established diplomacy with Cristoria, Hoku and Senkland, Senkland disappeared around 1 month after diplomatic relations were established. As of August 2023, Senkland has not been heard from yet. It is considered de-established.


In May, The Cristo-Hunthian cold war commenced, Noland only observed and did declare war on Hunthia, although did not engage in cyber-warfare. Noland went inactive mid-war and returned weeks later to find that the Kingdom of Hunthia was gone. Noland also observed the War on Gorthalism.

The Second Nolandian Troubles

The Second Nolandian troubles, also known as the "The Turbulences" by some. It was caused by civil unrest and a COVID-19 outbreak. Between October 5th 2022 and December 2nd 2022, Civil unrest broke out and multiple people started to protest against the COVID-19 restrictions and the forced vaccination of all who were eligible or be subject to a USD 150$ fine. It started when riot police armed with storage container lids with drawer handles (a makeshift riot shield in simple terms) hosed down a mob of 3 protesters near the Nolandian-US border after they had breached the quarantine. This was extremely controversial and caused further unrest. After 2 weeks of negotiations with the protesters had collapsed after a sum of USD 100$ was turned down, a contingency plan (Directive 2-A) was enacted and martial law was put under effect. Civil unrest followed until December 2nd in which, a agreement was reached. Vaccinations would no longer be mandatory and the quarantine would no longer be in effect until the date of December 2nd, 2025.

Peacetime (2023 - October 3 2023)


On February 17th, 2023, Noland became a member of the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity (SNOP)


In August, Noland adopted a COA and a new flag, designed by Snowie of Averna/UNEM


The PRN was dissolved on October 1st, as it was always a plan that if Cristoria goes down, Noland will go down with them


The PRN was re-established on October 3rd, 2023 after a poll decided that the nation should be established yet agian.





The current president is Maine.


Noland administers 3 territories as of October 2023.

Flag Name Leader Capital Establishment Area De-established Notes
Antarctic Territories
Nolandian Antartica N/A New Sheffield 6 March 2023 N/A May 21, 2023 Was a gift from the Republic of Averna.

Succeeded by the People's Autonomous Republic Of Antartica. (PARA)

North American Territories
Nolandian Mexico Alberto Flores Venado December 2021 N/A N/A Consists of the town of Venado and surrounding areas.

It is surrounded by the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.

Nolandian Maine N/A Winterville 24 February 2022 N/A N/A
Socialist Nolandian Protectorate of Ireland Maine I Free Derry August 1st, 2023 47.21 km² N/A Located within Derry, Ireland

Foreign Relations

Noland holds Diplomacy with

Mutual Recognition

Unilateral Recognition

Enemy states

Condemned States

Foreign groups designated as terrorist organizations

Embassies within noland

The following nations had (virtual) embassies within Noland:


Noland consists of 3 states. (Sorted by size)

  1. Nuevo Cristoria
  2. Dakota
  3. Saska

Exclusion Zones

Noland is one of few micronations to have known exclusion zones

1-A and 2-A in Nuevo Cristoria. - Wasp infestation (1-A) and ash pile (2-A)

3-A in Saska. - High wasp activity


Noland currently had 3 highways called "Multistate Highways" or simply "MH's". These consist of MH-1 which runs directly infront of the supreme leaders residence and MH-2 which runs in a large streched "U" shape. MH-3 runs to a location commonly used to dispose of garbage by a large firepit.

Multiple streets are named after historical figures, mostly Irish revolutionaries.


The Nolandian Armed Forces stands at 7 soldiers, 4 in the ground forces, 2 in the navy and 1 in the airforce. It was formed on July 1, 2020 as the "Royal Nolandian Armed Forces" and was renamed into the "Nolandian Liberation Army" in December 2022. It consists of the Ground Forces and the Navy. The Airforce was dissolved on the 1st of May 2023. On May 5, 2023, Noland formed the American Liberation Front (ALF) which is a Nolandian-backed paramilitary organization. It is heavily based off of the Irish National Liberation Army and the IRA. On May 8, 2023, Noland formed the People's Space Force.


Nolandic is a language currently being tested.


  1. Due to anti-INLA and IRA activity
  2. Due to claiming the entire Peninsula
  3. Due to deportation of Immigrants and mistreatment of "prisoners" at ICE camps
  4. Due to previous conflicts with Cristoria and Hoku.
  5. Due to Bloody Sunday
  6. Due to Operation Lone Star