Christopher I

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Christopher I
Official portrait of Christopher I with his partner, Kasey I, c. 2024
King of Cristoria
Reign11 November 2021 — Present
Coronation11 November 2021
Personal details
Born6 June 2007 (2007-06-06) (age 17)
Toledo, Ohio, United States
Citizenship United States of America
Kingdom of Cristoria
Holstonian Empire
Political partyLibertarian Party (officially)
Libertarian Party of Cristoria (micronationally)
Domestic partnerKasey I of Cristoria
ResidenceNew Toledo
Royal Styles of
Christopher I "The Wanderer"
Reference style His Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style His Royal Majesty

Christopher I (born Christopher P.), more commonly known as just Chris, is an American micronationalist. He is the sole founder of the Kingdom of Cristoria and serves as the Monarch. He was born in Toledo, Ohio, on 6 June 2007 and has achieved alot in the micronational community and is often called a member of the "big three" in a subcommunity of micronations once dominated by the Kingdom of Huntia (formerly), the Kingdom of Cristoria[a], and the United Kingdom of Gorthia.[b]

Personal life

Although wishing to leave his personal life private, Christopher believes it is imperative to share his story, as he believes it will create a healthy relationship with the intermicronational community.

Early life and childhood

Christopher was born at the Toledo Hospital in the early morning hours of 6 June 2007. In the early years following his birth, he would develop an early interest in trains through the show Thomas and Friends. Even as a little boy, Christopher was as passionate as he possibly could have been about Thomas and Friends, collecting small toys that were battery operated that had the ability to carry small carriages and cargo around, rugs, medium sized pictures, and even blankets that depicted the main character Thomas and some of his friends, as the show's title suggets.

Growing up, Christopher was introverted, although he maintained friendships with a few of the other children in his neighborhood. A driving force behind his introversion would be his amassing interest in video games, as he had gotten an Xbox 360 for his birthday at the age of six. Throughout Christopher's childhood, he discovered the video game franchise Fallout through the game Fallout 3, which also served as his first game on the Xbox 360. As a result, Christopher remained loyal to the Fallout franchise, purchasing every game in the franchise that were available on the Xbox 360 and playing them. Albeit Christopher found other games such as Minecraft or Five Nights at Freddy's, Fallout remained his favorite throughout his childhood and into his early adulthood and continued his unwavering loyalty to Fallout.

Teenage years and education

Christopher, although still a teenager, has very enthusiastic and optimistic goals for his future. Academically, Christopher was a "slacker" which negatively impacted his future. However, during his sophomore year of high school, Christopher began rapidly accelerating academically compared to his position in the grades prior and stayed on top of his work and is now set to graduate high school in 2025. Christopher wishes to seek a higher education to a college-level later in his future.

Personal hobbies

Christopher, growing up as a teenager, sought interest in history and ships and posted regularly on the social media platform Instagram. Through this platform in the year 2020, he'd meet one of his closest friends and allies micronationally, CCE I of Holstonia. Both Christopher and CCE would often bicker about unnecessary topics, but they would later set aside their differences and become good friends. Additionally, Christopher met very good friends a long his journey on Instagram and would eventually befriend an entire community of ocean liner enthusiasts, who would also shape his early teenage years.

During the early stages of his teenage years, Christopher also began playing video games a lot more with the console he had recieved in 2016[c], primarily due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and his introversion taking a turn for the worst. However, he found new games that would shape his teenage years, games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. He continued playing games he had previously (and still) loved as well, such as Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Despite the game being disliked by many and its trailer being one of the most disliked videos on YouTube[1] Christopher found massive interest in the game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, playing the "zombies" mode, continously playing the "campaign" mode, and enjoying the "multiplayer" mode.

After Christopher got his first job in May 2023, he worked hard to get a laptop that could run his games and simultaneously be used for school and work, and eventually got it a few weeks after his birthday in June 2023. He had spent a total of $1,100 (excluding U.S. taxes) on the laptop that he refers to as his "child" and has consistently used it everyday since he purchased it, furthering his gaming hobby even further than it already had been at. Alongside gaming, Christopher also uses his laptop for micronational and history related topics, whether it be creating graphics of coats of arms or simply browsing the internet.

In late 2023 to early 2024, Christopher began watching animes such as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners[d], Psycho-Pass, and Attack on Titan. Christopher previously had hated anime as it was stereotypically affiliated with "weebs"[e] that he had disliked. However, Christopher began watching anime merely just to watch them, not wanting to pick up a hobby with anime like he had for video games or history. Christopher has stated numerous times that Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is his favorite anime by far, but some aspects of Attack on Titan are his favorite parts of anime collectively and has said that "Attack on Titan is the best anime to graze the earth" and that any normal person should think so, providing multiple sources to his friends such as episodes, speeches, and small details in the show that parallel evidently.


Christopher's political journey started in 2017 during the 2017 Toledo mayoral elections in his hometown of Toledo. He would develop critique for Paula Hicks-Hudson, claiming that crime rates were no different than the last mayor and that traffic patrol significantly decreased and that she was not born in Toledo, claiming "Toledo is for Toledoans". As for Wade Kapszukiewicz, Christopher didn't have any critique, as Kepscukiewicz didn't hold any mayoral positions prior to 2017, rather he was the Treasurer of Lucas County, Ohio.

Christopher went quiet with politics until early 2020, when he heard that Donald Trump was running for President of the United States, he pledged his unwavering support for Trump, as Christopher was a hard-core conservative at the time. He believed that Trump securing the position as president would be for the better of the United States. As a result, he clashed with a few of his friends over his stance on the presidential candidate, even battling some of his friends, who were all in support of Joe Biden. At the time, Christopher and his close friend at the time, Stephen, were the only Republican Party endorsers in the aforementioned Instagram ocean liner community, making Christopher far more passionate about his political stance.

In mid-2020, Christopher shifted to a more off-center political ideology, eventually settling with anarchism. Around the time he started reading The Conquest of Bread, he founded the Free State of Cristoria on his birthday on 6 June 2020. Christopher, mainly leaning toward anarchism throughout mid to late 2020, began looking into monarchism, which eventually inspired him to establish the Empire of Cristoria. Christopher remained a self-identified monarchist from June 2020 to January 2023.

In January 2023, following the dissolution of the Kingdom of Cristoria's 2021 government in December 2022, Christopher went gray on politics and for a while was simply centrist. However, in mid-January, Christopher began slowly adhering to socialism personally, causing the unfortunate domino effect wherein the Republic of Cristoria would join the United Socialist Republics (or Almendria), which was a decision Christopher frowned on himself for in the pursuing months after he left the United Socialist Republics, not even a week after in February 2023. However, even after leaving the United Socialist Republics, Christopher still adhered to socialism. Eventually, Christopher identified as a Marxist. In May 2023, his passion for Marxism reached an all time high and he began writing Cristorian bills in the Congress of Cristoria that had Marxist ideals to them such as the Civil Rights Act of 2023.[2]

Following the dissolution of the Republic of Cristoria for the first time in September 2023, Christopher again went gray on politics and began developing his own critiques for Marxism as he had read The Communist Manifesto twice by the time the then Socialist Republic of Cristoria had collapsed. He briefly turned back to monarchism and refounded the Kingdom of Cristoria, but this was short lived as he turned back to anarchism, establishing the Commune of Cristoria. The Commune of Cristoria lasted until 1 January 2024, wherein the Republic of Cristoria was refounded, however without its former socialistic aspects. Christopher then dissolved the Republic of Cristoria indefinitely on 24 January 2024, replacing it with the Kingdom of Cristoria and utilizing the 2023 Constitution of the Kingdom of Cristoria.

In March 2024, Christopher began turning to individualism and libertarianism, inspiring him to establish the Libertarian Party of Cristoria, the offical successor to the Independent Cristorian Party, inheriting the party's former dominance. Christopher's ideological stance has caused minor debates between he and his friends and family, but Christopher has still continued to defend his beliefs and ideology.


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  1. Cristoria has maintained a steady line of influence on the subcommunity.
  2. It is rumored that the Federal Dynasty or Gorthia lost its influence and the Holstonian Empire took its place, although it is not a popular opinion.
  3. That being the Xbox One.
  4. The show is based off of the game Cyberpunk 2077.
  5. Anime enthusiasts that take their interest to an unhealthy level.