Caudonian Front

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Caudonian Front for Democracy and Conservatism
Caudonie Front
PresidentJulia Hidalgo
Vice PresidentZhang Gou-Di
SloganEquality, justice, freedom
Founded6 November 2019
Dissolved6 October 2020
Membership  (2020)7
Right-Wing Populism
 • Libertarianism
Political positionCentre-Right to Right-Wing
Official coloursGreen and Orange
Party flag

The Caudonian Front for Democracy and Conservatism (commonly known as the Caudonian Front, Scots: Caudonie Front, commonly known as the Front) was a right-wing political party in Caudonia. It’s main policies included more powers for the police force in order to assist in the combating of extremism, establishing more diplomatic relations with micronations and taking steps for development of more sectors within the micronation, it also puts establishing more land as one of its top priorities. It was also open into taking more citizens and focuses on showing how great Caudonia is.

Members of the Caudonian Front are sometimes known as ‘Fronties’.


The first logo of the Caudonian Front, used from the 6th-24th November

The Caudonian Front was founded on the 6th November 2019 by Ned Fram. The party was first seen as a threat within the country, however the party has now been accepted. The party has slowly been building up members, until mid November, when it became the largest party in Caudonia. It is now the second-largest party in Caudonia.

November 2019 General Election and the Caudonian Crisis

See also: Caudonian Crisis

On the 23rd of November, the Caudonian Front contested in the general election and Ned Fram held a speech after the Prince’s election seat, this speech was about how the United Sovereignties betrayed the Prince and Caudonia’s constitutional rights and that the Caudonia should unilaterally withdraw if he was elected as Prime Minister, the next day, Sebastian was chosen as the Vice President after Caudonia entered private talks after the Union of Crimsonian Socialist Republics showed ableist behaviour towards Ned Fram on Twitter the previous day. Ned Fram has stated he may reconsider his position on Caudonia’s membership in the United Sovereignties if Crimson was removed and there was a reform of the directorate.

On 27th January, 2020, the Front adopted a new full name as an attempt to separate themselves from the rest of the Caudonian right.

March 2020 Elections

On February 21st, prior to the March 2020 general elections, the Front became a founding member of the Coalition for Caudonia, alongside the Christian Union. The move was faced with a significant amount of criticism, even within the party itself. However, on February 27th, Ned Fram announced the withdrawal of the Front from this Coalition, and thus, the Coalition's dissolution. He apologized for joining the Coalition in the first place, stating that he now believed it to be a "betray(al)" of his party's core values. He also cited discussions with leaders from both the Democratic Alliance and the Alternative for Caudonia in his official statement given to the Caudonian Broadcasting Corporation.

Election results

The Caudonian Front won 6 seats in the Caudonian General Election, however failed to create a majority.

AFC-CF Merger

On the 16th April, 2020, Alternative for Caudonia merged into the Caudonian Front. On the same day, the Caudonian Front gained two seats. It has also started work on a shadow cabinet.


The Caudonia Front has many policies. The main ones tend to be reforming courts, supporting and building up of the police force and creating a unique identity for Caudonia.

Withdrawal from USoV

The Caudonian Front was a driving force behind the Caudonian withdrawal from the United Sovereignties.

Controversy and Criticism

On the 9th November 2019, after criticism from Andrew West and other members of the Social Democratic Party, the President of the Caudonian Front Ned Fram publicly apologised for calling the opposition 'treasonous', he stated that 'it was far too strong of a word to use'

Members of the Christian Union often criticized the Front, saying that it is ‘not conservative’

Electoral results

The Caudonian Front has been represented in Parliament since November of 2019, when an MP from the Populist Conservative Party defected and joined the party, resulting in the passage of a motion of no confidence and the early elections later that same month.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Nov. 2019 8 21.1%
4 / 17
4 in opposition
March 2020 12 27.3%
6 / 19
2 in opposition
May 2020 17 36.1%
8 / 19
2 In government
May 2020 17 36.1%
3 / 19
3[1] In opposition
  1. The Front split up with the Moderate Populist Party (MPP), losing two of its seats.