Christian Union

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Christian Union
Kresťanská únia
ChairmanArchibald Sinclair
Founded9 November 2019
Dissolved2 May 2020
Membership  (2020)4
Christian Democracy
Social Conservatism
Political positionRight-Wing
Official coloursRed
Legislative Assembly
2 / 19
Cabinet of Ministers
0 / 8
Party flag
CU party flag.png

The Christian Union (Slovak: Kresťanská únia; Scots: Christian Union) was a small right-wing political party in Caudonia. The party was founded by Archibald Sinclair on 9 November 2019 to return power to the crown as well as enshrine the Christian faith as the official state religion of Caudonia. Other party policies included the promotion of family-friendly policies, environmentalism, and interventionist economic policies. On 22 January 2020, the party changed its name from Christian Monarchist Union to Christian Union. The party was later dissolved on 2 May.

Electoral results


Electoral results for the legislature of the Principality (the Parliament.)

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Nov. 2019 3 7.9%
1 / 17
1 in opposition
March 2020 4 9.1%
2 / 19
1 confidence and supply