Cabinet of Ministers (Caudonia)

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First Hidalgo Ministry
14th ministry of Caudonia
Date formed 7 February 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Julia Hidalgo
Head of state William I
Ministers removed
Member party National unity government
Status in legislature Dissolved Parliament
Election(s) August 2021
Legislature term(s) N/A
Previous Third Fram Ministry

The Cabinet of Ministers is the body of ministers responsible for the governance and administration of Caudonia. According to the Constitution of Caudonia, the cabinet shall consist of at least four and no more than ten ministers. The Prince is responsible for the appointment of the Prime Minister and the other ministers. There are currently six ministers in the cabinet.


There are currently six ministers in the national unity government, led by Julia Hidalgo.

Portfolio Name Term Party
Prime Minister

Minister of Justice and Democracy

Julia Hidalgo Incumbent Independent
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Home Affairs
Ned Fram Incumbent CF
Ministers of Communications, Media and the Environment Nathan Inslee, Caden Mesanko Incumbent
Minister of Foreign Affairs Reinhard Habicht Incumbent
Minister of Finance, Education and Culture Douglas Dommadome Incumbent