Prime Minister of Caudonia

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Prime Minister of Caudonia
Predseda vlády Kaudónska
Julia Hidalgo

since 6 February 2021
StyleThe Right Honourable
StatusHead of government
Reports toParliament of Caudonia
Prince of Caudonia
AppointerPrince of Caudonia
Term lengthAt the Prince's pleasure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Caudonia
Inaugural holderAndrew West
Formation5 July 2019
DeputyNed Fram

The Prime Minister of Caudonia is the head of government in Caudonia. The current and 12th prime minister, Julia Hidalgo, leader of a national unity government, took office on 6 February 2022.

The prime minister is the most senior government minister, responsible for chairing the Cabinet, allocating ministerial posts in the government, and governmental policies and actions.