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The Government of Caudonia (Slovak: Kaudónska vláda; Scots: Govrenment o Caudonie), formally termed His Serene Highness' Government is the central government of the Principality of Caudonia. The Government is led by the Prime Minister, who nominates all other ministers for the Prince to appoint. The Prime Minister and the other nine most senior ministers form together the Cabinet of Ministers.

Executive power is exercised by the ministers, who are responsible to Parliament and the Prince. Most ministers have a portfolio of specific responsibilities such as departments or policy areas, although ministers without portfolio can be appointed.

The position of prime minister belongs to the person who commands the confidence of the majority of members in the House of Assembly. The position is determined also by several other factors, such as support agreements between parties and internal leadership votes in the party that leads the Government. The prime minister and other ministers are formally appointed by the Prince. By convention, the Prince acts on the advice of the prime minister in appointing ministers.


In Caudonia, as in most other parliamentary democracies, the term Government can have a number of different meanings. At its widest, it can refer collectively to the three traditional branches of government: the executive branch, legislative branch (the Prince-in-Parliament, Senate, and House of Assembly), and judicial branch (the High Court and subordinate courts).

More commonly, the term is used to refer specifically to the executive branch. The largest party or coalition in the House of Assembly, with a sufficient number of MPs to win crucial parliamentary votes, will form a Cabinet. This is the sense intended when it is said that a political party "forms the government".

Branches of government

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Judicial branch

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