Constitution of Caudonia

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Constitution of the Principality of Caudonia
JurisdictionAll of Caudonia
Created6 June 2019
Presented11 June 2019
Ratified5 July 2019
Date effective6 July 2019
SystemSemi-constitutional monarchy
ChambersBicameral (originally unicameral)
Last amended24 May 2020
LocationPrince's Palace
Commissioned byPrince of Caudonia
Author(s)Prince of Caudonia, Council of State
SignatoriesCouncil of State
Media typeGoogle Docs, paper
Constitution Act, 2019
Parliament of Caudonia
An Act to establish a constitution for the new nation
Territorial extentCaudonia
Date of Royal Assent5 July 2019
Introduced byPrince William I
Establish a constitution for the new nation
Status: In force

The Constitution of Caudonia was promulgated on 5 July 2019. It was granted assent by Prince William I. It established governmental regulations for the new nation. Although not technically an Act of Parliament, it is considered one for archival purposes.


The constitution has ten chapters. Chapter IV was added and Chapter V was completely changed during the revision amendment of 12 January 2020.

  • Chapter I: The Nation and State
  • Chapter II: The Monarchy
  • Chapter III: The Parliament
  • Chapter IV: The Council of State
  • Chapter V: The Government
  • Chapter VI: The Courts
  • Chapter VII: Administrative Divisions
  • Chapter VIII: Fundamental Rights
  • Chapter IX: Amendments to the Constitution
  • Chapter X: Eternity Clause


The constitution has been amended six times:

  • First amendment (multiple changes) - repealed
  • Second amendment (judicial reform) - repealed
  • Third amendment (revised constitution)
  • Fourth amendment (state secularism)
  • Fifth amendment (renamed lower house, established Senate as upper house)
  • Sixth amendment (judicial reform)

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