Social Democratic Party (Caudonia)

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Social Democratic Party of Caudonia
Social Democratic Pairty o Caudonie
LeaderAndrew West
Founded19 June 2019
Membership  (2020)14
Social democracy
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationDemocratic Alliance
International affiliationSocialist Micronational
Official coloursRed
Legislative Assembly
7 / 19
Cabinet of Ministers
5 / 8

The Social Democratic Party (Scots: Social Democratic Pairty; Spanish: Partido Socialdemócrata; also informally known as the Social Democrats or Socdems) is a centre-left party and the main party for the left in Caudonia. Some of its main policies include balancing the powers of the monarch with the democratic institutions of Caudonia, protecting personal liberties and civil rights, developing the economy of the nation, exploring the possibility of land purchases and developments, increasing the number of active citizens, creating a new criminal code and developing a legal system for Caudonia.

On November 22nd, 2019, the Socialist Party merged into the Social Democrats citing a lack of support, prior to that month's elections.

On the 2nd February, 2020, the Social Democratic Party appointed the first Female member of parliament in Caudonia.

On May 9th, 2020, the Scots Party merged into the Social Democrats following the signing of the Salisbury Agreement.

Electoral results


Electoral results for the legislature of the Principality (the Parliament).

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Oct. 2019 6 30.0%
4 / 13
2 in opposition
Nov. 2019 18 47.4%
8 / 17
4 in government
March 2020 13 29.5%
6 / 19
2 in government
May 2020 11 23.4%
5 / 19
1 in opposition