October 2019 Caudonian general election

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Caudonian general election, October 2019
5 October 2019 November 2019 →

All 13 seats of the Caudonian Parliament
7 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Populist conservative party logo.png New Albion SDP logo.png
Leader Charles Swilly Andrew West Tayden Hansen
Party Populist Conservative Social Democratic Bread
Leader since 2019 2019 2019
Last election 3 6 did not contest
Seats won 6 4 2
Seat change 3 2 2
Popular vote 9 6 3
Percentage 45% 30% 15%

  Fourth party
  Communist equality party flag.jpg
Leader Walter Kiesinger
Party Leftist League
Leader since 2019
Last election 1
Seats won 1
Seat change Steady
Popular vote 2
Percentage 10%

Prime Minister before election

Andrew West
Social Democratic Party

Prime Minister after election

Charles Swilly
Populist Conservative

The October 2019 Caudonian general election was held on 5 October 2019. It was the first election in the history of Caudonia.

Electoral system

A proportional representation system was used, in which all citizens cast a vote for one of the parties, and the 13 seats in the Legislative Assembly were distributed proportionally based on those results.


Four parties contested in the October election: the Bread Party, the Leftist League, the Populist Conservative Party, and the Social Democratic Party.


All parties except for the Social Democratic Party campaigned for the election. None of the parties released manifestos.

Government formation

The Populist Conservative Party formed a coalition with the Bread Party on 6 October 2019.