Leftist League (Caudonia)

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Leftist League
ChairmanWalter Kiesinger
Founded1 August 2019
Dissolved11 February 2020
Membership (2019)1
Political positionFar left
ColoursRed and yellow
Party flag
Communist equality party flag.jpg

The Leftist League (Slovak: Ľavičiarska liga Kaudónska; Scots: Leftist Collogue o Caudonie) was a small far-left political party in Caudonia.

Electoral results


Electoral results for the legislature of the Principality (the Parliament.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Oct. 2019 2 10.0%
1 / 13
1 in opposition
Nov. 2019 2 5.3%
1 / 17
Steady in opposition