List of motions of no confidence in Caudonian governments

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This a list of motions of no confidence in Caudonian governments led by prime ministers of Caudonia. The first such motion of no confidence to defeat a ministry was in 2019 against Charles Swilly, the first elected prime minister. Thereafter there have been 2 votes of confidence successfully motioned against Caudonians governments. The most recent was held against the Sinclair ministry in August 2021. Following the defeat, a national government was formed.

Defeat of the Swilly Ministry

On the 7th of November, 2019, an MP for the Populist Conservatives defected to the newly founded Caudonian Front, resulting in the Government losing its one seat majority in Parliament. News soon broke that Prime Minister Charles Swilly was in negotiations with the Front to form a new three party coalition between the Bread Party, the Populist Conservatives, and the Caudonian Front. On the 9th of November, a new coalition was officially started between the three parties, and later that day, Leader of the Opposition Andrew West tabled a motion of no confidence against the Government due to its association with the controversial new party, in Parliament specifically noting Ned Fram's comments that the opposition Social Democratic Party and the Leftist League were "treason(ous)". Following the passage of the motion, Parliament was dissolved, elections were scheduled for the 23rd of November, and Andrew West was appointed to lead the caretaker Government.

Vote Number
Ayes 7
Nays 6
VONC Passed

Attempted defeat of the 2nd West Ministry

On April 25th 2020, during the Daragonian Crisis, the Leader of the Opposition and the Caudonian Front, Ned Fram accused the Social Democratic government of importing voters and betraying the Caudonian Crown and therefore tabled a motion of no confidence against the government that was defeated in a large margin. Afterwards the failed motion, some MPs from the opposition boycotted parliament for 24 hours. This Vote of No Confidence was the most significant of its kind in the history of Caudonia as it had a subsequent impact on elections and was the start of the decline of power for the Social Democratic Party

Vote Number
Ayes 4
Nays 9
VONC Defeated