Social Democrats (Caudonia)

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Social Democrats
LeaderNathan Inslee
Founded5 July 2019
Membership (2022)10
IdeologySocial democracy
 • Democratic socialism
 • Republicanism
Political positionCentre-left
International affiliationNone
Formerly Socialist Micronational
ColoursPurple (formerly red)
SloganThe party that's on your side
House of Assembly
3 / 10
Cabinet of Ministers
3 / 6

The Social Democrats (German: Sozialdemokraten; Scots: Social Democrats; also informally known as the Socdems) are a centre-left political party and the main party for the left wing in Caudonia. Formerly known as the Social Democratic Party from its founding to August 2021, then again from December 2021 to May 2022, and the Labour Unionist Party from August to December 2021, the party changed its name to the Social Democrats following the party changes of June 2022. Some of its main policies include balancing the powers of the monarch with the democratic institutions of Caudonia, protecting personal liberties and civil rights, developing the economy of the nation, exploring the possibility of land purchases and developments, increasing the number of active citizens, creating a new criminal code and developing a legal system for Caudonia.

On 2 February 2020, the Social Democratic Party appointed the first female MP to the House of Assembly.

On 9 May 2020, the Scots Party merged into the Social Democratic Party following the signing of the Salisbury Agreement.


Andrew West

The party was founded by Andrew West on 19 June 2019 as the Social Democratic Party of New Albion. Following the dissolution of New Albion and the subsequent establishment of Caudonia, he re-established the party in Caudonia. On 6 July 2019, Prince William I appointed West to lead an interim government until elections could be held and gave the SDP six out of ten seats in the House of Assembly.

The interim SDP government was ended following the October 2019 general election, which saw the Populist Conservative Party win a majority in Parliament. On 7 November 2019, an MP for the PCP defected to the newly established Caudonian Front, resulting in the government losing its one seat majority in Parliamnt. News soon broke that Prime Minister Charles Swilly was in negotiations with the Front to form a new three party coalition between the Bread Party, the Populist Conservatives, and the Caudonian Front. On 9 November, West tabled a motion of no confidence against the government due to its association with the controversial new party, citing Ned Fram's comments that the opposition Social Democratic Party and the Leftist League were "treason(ous)". Following the passage of the motion, Parliament was dissolved, an election was called, and West was appointed to lead a caretaker government. The Socialist Party merged into the SDP one day before the November 2019 general election citing a lack of support.

The November election saw the SDP win eight seats in Parliament, just one shy of a majority. As a result, a coalition was formed with the Scots Party. The coalition government was relatively stable, and led to the formation of an electoral bloc known as the Democratic Alliance in February 2020. The DA took part in the March 2020 general election and won eight out of 19 seats, six for the SDP and two for Scots. This would be the last election the DA would compete in, as the Scots Party merged into the SDP following the election, until the bloc's re-establishment in June 2021.

Robert Smith II


Nathan Inslee

Nathan Inslee founded The Left Party in time for the August 2021 general election, which saw the party gaining 2 seats. This forced the Labour Unionist under Robert Smith II to enter into a coalition with The Left and the Democratic Traditionalist during the 10th Parliament. This essentially created a left-wing party alliance against the other right-wing parties.

During the 11th Parliament, the Labour Unionists and The Left merged to rebrand as the Social Democratic Party in response to the merger and creation of the Caudonian Front.

Members of the party caucus requested that Robert Smith II hold a leadership election. On 1 January 2022, Smith II called a leadership election, and in doing so, announced he still wishes to stand. With the support of Elliot Doe, Nathan Inslee announced his candidacy for leader. Though Smith II announced he still wished to stay as leader, he urged Inslee to take over. On 22 January 2022, Smith withdrew his candidacy. 2 days later, Inslee was declared Leader of the SDP.

During the National Unity Government, Nathan Inslee remained distant from the party as he was appointed Co-Minister of Communications, Media, and the Environment alongside Caden Masanko under Prime Minister Julia Hidalgo, both of which were affiliated with the Caudonian Front.

Inslee lead the Social Democrats through the July 2022 General Election with 4 seats.

Gabriel Sebastian


Electoral results


Electoral results for the legislature of the Principality (the Parliament).

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Oct. 2019 6 30.0%
4 / 13
2 in opposition
Nov. 2019 18 47.4%
8 / 17
4 in government
March 2020 13 29.5%
6 / 19
2 in government
May 2020 11 23.4%
5 / 19
1 in opposition
Sept. 2020 10 23.5%
5 / 19
N/A in opposition
Jan. 2021 9 22.5%
4 / 15
1 in opposition
April 2021 25 69.4%
10 / 13
6 in government
June 2021 11 29.7%
5 / 13
5 in opposition
Aug. 2021 8 22.8%
2 / 10
3 in government
Dec. 2021 8 25.0%
3 / 10
1 in government


Logo history
2019-2021 2021 (Labour Unionist) 2021-2022 (Return to SDP) 2022–present (Social Democrats)

Party leaders

Leader Took office Left office Prime Ministers
Andrew West 5 July 2019 21 June 2020 himself (Jul.-Oct. 2019)
Swilly (Oct.-Nov. 2019)
himself (Nov. 2019-May 2020)
Fram (May-Sept. 2020)
Oliver P. Tato 21 June 2020 27 December 2020