Coalition for Caudonia

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Coalition for Caudonia
Koalícia pre Kaudonsko
Founded21 February 2020
Dissolved27 February 2020
Merger ofCaudonian Front
Christian Union
Christian Democracy
Liberal Conservatism
Political positionCentre-right to right wing
ColoursRed and Orange

The Coalition for Caudonia (Slovak: Koalícia pre Kaudonsko; Scots: Allyance fur Caudonie) was a short lived right-wing electoral alliance in Caudonia, made up of the Christian Union and the Caudonian Front. It was created in February 2020 in order to contest the next month's elections, but it was dissolved before they actually occurred.

On February 27, Ned Fram announced the withdrawal of the Caudonian Front from the Coalition for Caudonia, and thus, its dissolution. He apologized for joining the Coalition in the first place, stating that he now believed it to be a "betray(al)" of his party's core values. He also cited discussions with leaders from both the Democratic Alliance and the Alternative for Caudonia in his official statement given to the Caudonian Broadcasting Corporation.