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New Voice
ChairpersonNicolás Millán
Founded16 February 2020
Dissolved13 January 2021 (Merged into The Greens (Essexia)
IdeologyReformism, Classical Marketism, Liberal Conservatism
Political positionCentre
Official colors     Pale Green

The Novox Party of Essexia (Nova Vox, or New Voice) was a political party formed out of the merger of the Marketists of Essexia and Essexia Forward, to compete in the 2020 Essexian general election. It merged into The Greens on the 13th January 2021.

Nicolás Millán described the party as being "built upon five pillars: Green Conservatism, Reformism, Liberal Conservatism, Monarchism, Classical Marketism".


Novox was formed on the 16th February 2020, in order to compete in the upcoming General Election. However, they failed to gain any seats, and merged almost a year later into the then-new reformist party, The Greens. In announcing the merger, Novox party leader Nicolás stated that "I would also like to announce the merger of Novox with the Greens. After about ten seconds of negotiation, we decided that the Greens were the most open to adopting elements of our agenda, and that it is no longer viable to have a party with one member. I thank our one voter for their unwavering support through our lifetime."

Although being somewhat unremarkable as an Essexian political party, Novox was part of a bigger movement of greater involvement by non-native Essexians in the nation's political systems. Nicolás Millán, Novox's only party leader, would continue to server in cabinet positions in the Essexian government, and was still able to contribute to the nation despite never having won a seat.

In merging with The Greens, Novox displayed solidarity with a fellow progressive party and were able to increase the credibility of the more prominent yet newer political party.