Ministry of Social Engagement and Joy

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Ministry of Social Engagement and Joy
Ministry overview
Formed25 November 2018
JurisdictionEmpire of Adammia
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Social Engagement and Joy is a government department in the Empire of Adammia. It was initially created by the Government Ministries Act 2018 as the Ministry of Memes, and was renamed by the Government Ministries Act 2021. Its exact function is unclear, although it has responsibilities for organising certain national celebrations and creating meme content.

The Ministry has no child agencies. Its current minister is Lord Charles Michael.


Portrait Name Term of office Political party Prime Minister Notes
HermionePeace.jpg Lady Hermione Peace DCM 25 November 2018 14 October 2020 Dank Party Lord Saunders
Lord Michael
Served as Minister of Memes. Largely inactive in the role. Insisted on maintaining the department as a precondition to forming a coalition with the Lib-Mods, who had previously pledged to abolish it.
EmsSimpsonJune2018.jpg HG Lady Ems Simpson MP DCM 14 October 2020 25 October 2021 Red Green Alliance Lord Saunders Oversaw the department being renamed to Social Engagement and Joy.
HermionePeace.jpg HG Lady Hermione Peace MP DGCM 25 October 2021 7 December 2022 Dank Party Lord Green
CharlesMichael.jpg HG Lord Charles Michael COA 7 December 2022 Incumbent Liberal-Moderate Party Charles Michael Appointed himself on an interim basis, pending the planned dissolution of the department.

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