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You have reached the user-page of Lord Tribune Andrew Creed, Baron of Corinium Terentium, and former Prince of Sabovia...

My name is Andrew Creed, and I am a technical administrator here at MicroWiki! I have been tasked by our superior overlord to help with the general design and 'feel' of the wiki. I am also an administrator on the MicroWiki@Discord server. I've been a member of the micronational community, on-and-off, since May 2012.

Micronationally, I am the second and current Governor of Corinium Terentium — an Austenasian territory located in the South West of England. Macronationally, I have served as parish councilor for my home town of Tetbury. My interest in micronationalism dates back to 2012 when I founded the Principality of Sabovia, though then briefly called the "Union of Smallia".